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Holy shit, almost 150 chapters between the main manga and Black Label, but finally something actually happened.
I love it when an author delivers
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Fucking finally. If they didn't hook up during that vacation arc they were never going to.

Do you think they'll actually fuck in the next chapter or that something awful will happen instead?

(to the left, a series that always chose something awful happening instead of a resolution of the UST)
That's nice and all, but what is going to happen with main manga now? I sure hope a time skip occurs there, otherwise we got 8 months of a manga that's already quite slow paced knowing that nothing is going to happen until they reach the spin-off timeline.
If nothing comes of this collar arc, I'm going to be livid.
Really? I thought it was pretty obvious that the collar arc is going to pay off like so.

She's going to want wear it in public. It's going to test the relationship.
I think nothing is going to come out of that, is the fucking past of >>100747701
That's why I'm hoping that after the collar arc is over, the author just throw a time skip of them returning of the vacations.
I think also the author/artist treads a line with Nana's nudity.

Would he ever cross it?
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Didn't they kiss before?

Also, I want more Tachi chapters.
The Tachi chapters were interesting. Tachi was the external challenge whereas with Nana the challenge happened internally for Kaoru. It was a good balance in the story.

Why did Ryuta put them on hold? Were Tachi chapters unpopular?
I was going to say she participated during Pet and Master chapters, but I realize that was almost two years ago. I guess her character break the point when she so openly enjoys the breathers.
That's a good point. She begins to lose her shame for them (I'd argue she didn't have shame for them to start with actually, but that's another thread topic) and become more assertive for/during breathers.

One of the reasons a breather chapter works isn't just the TA, it's because Kaoru and Nana's communication changes and is tested throughout them. Sometimes this can get old (some of the pacing issues in the later releases of Black Label are examples of this strength used to a fault).

The communication between Tachi and Kaoru didn't evolve similarly (after all, it's called "Nana to Kaoru" not "Tachi to Kaoru") but it never led to a character moment of Kaoru realizing that or Tachi.
> Read Nana to Kaoru.
> Realize 20 chapters in that it's all going to be fucking cockteasing with less development than TLR.
At least TLR fucking delivers.
The Last Remnant, obviously.
I just feel that Tachi being so forward and demanding sometimes leaves Kaoru in a submissive position. I'm not saying that she's a bad character, I like her and the change of situations she brings, but I don't think it was the original intention of the author to put Kaoru in that place, so that why she's not appearing anymore.
Tachi's forward ability definitely challenged Kaoru, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that their relationship began positioning him as a bit submissive.

I think Tachi also had more mental health issues than Nana, but again, it wasn't fully explored. Nana seems a lot more functional than Tachi or even Kaoru despite her hardships.
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Yeah, the author takes his time, but he sure knows how to make an emotional scene.
This is one my favorites parts of all the manga I read.
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They've felt for each other a long time in this manga.
Oh shit it's happening

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