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>[HorribleSubs] Rurouni Kenshin (1-94) [480p]

Neat. I haven't actually watched this in while. I've been wanting to go through the episodes again and make gifs/take screenshots of some of the cooler parts.
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1.40 MB GIF

May download some day just for the first two seasons
Just noticed it on the front page. I never even bothered to look for a batch because a long series like that is usually something I don't want taking up space, but at only 10 gigs I couldn't pass it up.
Probably better than current rips. HS did this for Kaiji too and that version is definitely better that Triad (S1)
Enjoy the 3rd filler season.
Any other older anime on CR that have currently shit tier releases? People in Nyaa say they want Slam Dunk, which I wouldn't mind because the most popular release seems to be some Turkish group.
yeah... 3 useless gigs. I know what I'm in for. I'll rewatch them anyway to see if there's anything worth turning into a gif though. Kyoto arc was definitely the peak and it should've ended there IMO. I thought it couldn't get any stupider than that Christian village and then they pulled that feng shui nonsense. Such a sub par ending to an otherwise really enjoyable series.

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