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Is this anime any good? I've heard its really sad but beyond that nothing
It's boring and not really sad at all.
Just fucking watch it yourself, or read a review on the hundreds of other anime websites available.
maybe overly dramatic but not sad
The buildup was the tearjerker for me. The ending was pretty cheesy.
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I'm going to try to explain this without using any of the typical buzzwords so bear with me here OP. The premise has to do with a circle of childhood friends who drifted apart as they grew up. If you can relate to that sort of situation then at the very least you'll enjoy the early part of the series and feel nostalgia over the "good old days."

That said, much of the conflict hinges on the characters being unimaginative and ignoring what most viewers felt was an obvious solution. Furthermore, the ending in particular tends to be polarizing with some anons bawling their eyes out and the rest arguing that the resolution was cheesy and overplayed.

At least the OP and ED are god-tier.
>At least the OP and ED are god-tier
Can't argue with that.
Well alright then
I dropped it when the ghost girl made the retarded boy blow his load.

Wasn't even worth the three episode rule.

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