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Exactly how was he God, anyway?

He wasn't omnipotent, he wasn't omniscient, he wasn't omnipresent. He wasn't responsible for creating the world or even a part of the world. He doesn't even personify any sort of phenomena or concept.

In fact, the only god in Dragonball who fulfills any of those criteria is Bills, who personifies destruction.
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Yep there are alot of minor and major gods. Learn to Shinto.
Even minor Shinto gods exist to personify something. Most of Dragonball's gods had no real purpose.
God has a broader meaning in japan

I releasied this when I was watching as a kid ffs why didn't you

Thinking about it, it was probably the first thing that I watched that introduced me into other ideas about god, which led me to believe that what people think about them is bullshit.. thanks dragonball!
Something weird I noticed in Japanese is that 「ある」 is sometimes used when talking about gods instead of 「 いる」. What's up with that?
You're fucking retarded.
I mean, come on.
just like Shinto gods
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It's merely a title bestowed on the one who watches over the earth from the sky, occasionally stepping in if the world is in a crisis. Same for the leader of Skypeia.
Probably at that time Toriyama had the idea that the devil (Piccolo Daimaou) and the god is originally a same being. remember, at the moment he probably hadn't thought of afterlife, another devil (Dabura), or higher (hereditary) pantheons like Kaioo and Kaiooshin-sama

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