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File: 1379901962107.jpg (69.96 KB, 1280x720)
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69.96 KB JPG
I want to fuck Junko so badly
File: 1390046698135.png (30.33 KB, 215x219)
30.33 KB
30.33 KB PNG
>Them long, manly fingers
>Gigantic fucking tongue, Gene Simmons would be proud
>Bland eyes
>Nail paint
>Red nail paint
0/10 would not do
>complaining about nail paint being red
What's a good color for nail paint then?
File: 1390169508813.png (10.63 KB, 268x268)
10.63 KB
10.63 KB PNG
No nail paint
Ishimaru is better
File: 3 main.jpg (340.86 KB, 800x1300)
340.86 KB
340.86 KB JPG
I don't really like nail paint too, but if you wanna really go at it skin-like pink and red are the best colors.
Black is fucking disgusting, looks like rotten broken nails.
That tongue is my fetish
I want her to lick the back of my throat
I want to suck her tongue like a dick
want to rape Celes in my room. Posing my invitation as a card game, she'd walk in, only for the door to slam shut and to be hit over the head with a hammer, knocking her unconscious. Awake, she'd find herself handcuffed, naked, gagged and anal plugged with a vibrating dildo drumming the insides of her pussy and weighted clips agonising her nipples. I would remove the gag, throwing it aside and immediately shove my sex-deprived member into her mouth, jamming her throat and causing her to splutter. Angered by her disobedience, I would grab her clips and pull them back, torturing her nipples, inducing tears in her eyes as I slap her tits around, yanking on the clips, causing her to scream. Tired of her mouth, I'd quickly shoot my load down her throat, not giving her a chance to spit it out. As he choked on my cum, I would drag her tits onto the bed using the clips, forcing her to lay front-down on the bed with her ass stretched out over the bed, just asking to be fucked. Before slapping her ass a bit, feeling her soft asscheeks, I would remove the vibrator, I'd see that it would be covered in her pussy juices and tease her about her how horny she was under her poker face. With her dripping cunt infront of me, I'd begin to bang away at her, making loud cracks every time I thrust into her. Each time my cock hit her womb, she'd pitifully moan, feeling pleasure even when raped like how any slut should. Ready to finish, I'd shoot my load again before forcing her to stand up by pulling on the clips, lifting her by them and setting her down on the floor in a crawled up position, my cum falling from her pussy and splattering her face, shaming her as our combined love juices were rubbed across her face, smearing her make-up. Finished, she would beg for me to untie her, but I would refuse as I open the door, letting Oowada and Ishimaru walk in, inciting fear into Celes' eyes as they begin raping her, fucking both her holes at once, beating her if she disobeyed any order.
File: Nanami_(13).png (69.05 KB, 480x280)
69.05 KB
69.05 KB PNG
Best girl coming through
File: you cant cure stupidity.jpg (78.06 KB, 1280x720)
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File: brown.jpg (144.63 KB, 500x741)
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144.63 KB JPG
Junko more like unko amirite

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