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In the middle of reading this, so far impressed by the sheer dedication to fitting EVERY. SINGLE. FETISH into a manga without the manga losing its core focus on intrigue and suspense and thriller crap.

Let's see now, so far I've seen in this comic:
>public humiliation
>public exhibitionism
>blood play (well it's a vampire manga ffs)
>big titties
>dat ass
>hard gay
>soft gay

Fuck off.

Also: fighting vampires with french bread, though it makes sense, if they're weak against cellulose, they'll be weak against its byproducts too.

File: Spoiler Image (178.45 KB, 573x374)
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178.45 KB JPG
Did anyone not laugh when they saw this bit? (spoilers for part 49)
File: raise the roof.jpg (36.04 KB, 162x295)
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36.04 KB JPG
Really? No love for a manga that opens with an entire chapter of naked loli vampire demanding to be oiled up?
It's not that good.
File: sad sholita is sad.jpg (30.22 KB, 160x202)
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30.22 KB JPG

>moe as fuck vampires
>decent enough story and plotting
>more shipping than the sea of mexico
>mangaka can draw more than one face

Okay /a/, have fun being suddenly picky.
I looked at Angel Para Bellum and it's kinda similar (shota ass in the first chapter) despite only being drawn by the Bund guy

Anyone know where I can find raws of the chaopters after volume 2, by the way? I know they exist but I didn't get to download them back when they were available at jcafe
When Angel Parabellum going to be scanned?
File: ANGEL_PARA_BELLUM_02_071.jpg (579.07 KB, 1385x2000)
579.07 KB
579.07 KB JPG

Jcafe had all the raw chapters up to 16 but the links expired

really wanted to see more of loli Satan
File: moustache.jpg (134.83 KB, 346x454)
134.83 KB
134.83 KB JPG
Do you have the raws? Would you mind dumping them?
You can find volumes 1 and 2(containing chapters 1-7) by searching it on google

Of the rest I only have 15 and 16, but yeah, I guess I can upload those.
File: ANGEL_PARA_BELLUM_02_064.jpg (460.03 KB, 1385x2000)
460.03 KB
460.03 KB JPG
15: http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/71029284/file.html

16: http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/46460768/file.html
moe =/= good

Doesn't the vampire queen turn into an adult sometimes?

I love the story and Mina is my second favorite girl ever.

This also leaves me in a position where Akira has pissed me off more than any other protagonist in a series due to him being so tsundere, even though I can't help but like him anyway.
File: 1350220685186.jpg (43.44 KB, 423x222)
43.44 KB
43.44 KB JPG
>Werewolfs serving vampires
That alone is a sign that we are not in for a good series
Everyone knows Dracula is stronger than wolfman

Unless we're using WoD rules or something

Actually in Dance the vampires are weaker than the werewolves, the vamps won their ancient war by being smarter than the werewolves.

Then instead of annihilating them they made them the elite warriors of the nobility, which were then mostly wiped out so that only the Tepes clan would have any left because Mina didn't relish the idea of other werewolves being used against her.
>Everyone knows Dracula is stronger than wolfman
The fuck he is

Dracula is the alpha and omega of evil

Wolfman can't match that
>There are people who still don't understand the top competitors on the undead food chain are vampires and Liches

>Those guys

Call me back when they aren't caused by physical reproduction taking the knot

>Call me back when they aren't caused by physical reproduction taking the knot

They are werewolves anon, in Dance they are natural creatures instead of magical, ergo they reproduce naturally.

Fuck Gook vampires, fuck the lot

I was talking about werewolves you idiot, where the fuck in my post was I talking about Vampires being a natural race?

The only vampires that seem to be able to reproduce naturally is the true blood vampires and even then there is only one female capable of giving birth at a time, she gives birth to only one child and that child is always female so why are you sperging out?
File: MysteryOftheCainites2.png (663.27 KB, 693x933)
663.27 KB
663.27 KB PNG
>True blood vampires

How unwashed can you be?

Leave the haven you disgusting Lick, it's another motherfucking space-alien spiritual so natural VAMPIRU TOPUU DEMONIC FOODCHAINU bullcrap just like Noblesse, Tsukihime, BLOOD series and fuckign everything else they've ever spewed out.

It's so bad they've even taken to copying chacter archetypes outright, Altrouge brunestud is a carbon fucking copy of Mina Tepes, right down to the second form

The east can't into the fucking undead.

Don't you have somewhere else to sperg?

I'm genuinely curious, why do fucks like you come into threads talking about things you don't like so you can spew bullshit all up in them?
File: 1377972137044.jpg (99.62 KB, 1019x1024)
99.62 KB
99.62 KB JPG
Because you're an unwashed faggotmusian primus anallord fregalspreg.
VTM anime when?
When White wolf find better ways to market their shit, such as release a working vidya, start a Vampire diaries shit tier drama show, and makes a movie.

VTM is the perfect base for Vampire shit, goddanm.
Started reading then dropped after the trap got anally raped by the insane werewolf

Volume 7 is the absolute lowest point in the series, keep going it gets a lot better.
File: vampiremaids.jpg (2.79 MB, 3500x3412)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
He looks like a girl, why is he so adorable?
New Dance series when?

Also I hope Seven Seas or some scanalators pick it up, preferably not the same scanalators that picked up Dance since they are whiny faggots.

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