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Hello everyone. I need help autheticating a figure.

ebay eu 19OvUaO
This one is listed as a Chinese Release by the seller himself, I assume this means its fake.

ebay eu 1mtSkOP
This one is listed as authentic (according to the seller). The difference is mainly the swimsuit. So I figured the fake ones had the pink swimsuit, as they vary from £10-14 on eBay.

Then I came across this:
bit ly 1jogA7P
The supposedly fake version listed as "authentic".

So how the heck do I find out which ones are real? They all come in the same damn box aswell, which makes it even more confusing.
Sorry about the links, it wouldnt let me do it otherwise. Needs a . and /. :)

They're all fake. Also there were 2-3 color versions of that figure released.
Consult the Buyf/a/g thread for more advice.
No one sells a real fig that cheap. Also the seller points out it's a bootleg.

It's a color variation, hence the price.
Also you'll be raped in shipping and taxes.

Japanese seller but it'll take a lot of time to get your stuff. Also tax rape.

There. Have fun.
I suppose that they are slightly different models (15th anniversary edition and 20th anniversary edition). Check the buyfag thread and the guide there, they may know how to recognize fakes (basically, if the price is too good, it is most likely a fake).
both models are authentic.

old version (pink swimsuit)

says that there is a preowned one at amiami for 6980 yen:

and this is the newer one:
I realize first link was fake, it said in description.

Since both swimsuits can be authentic, I hate the fact that they use the same box on their pictures. At least if the fake ones had some sort of different box it'd be easier.

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