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*63位/*65位 ★ (**1,929 pt) [*,*46予約] 14/02/28 劇場版「Wake Up Girls! 七人のアイドル」 初回限定版[Blu-ray+CD]

***,173位/***,168位 ★ (**1,989 pt) [*,**9予約] 2014/03/19 中二病でも恋がしたい! 戀 (1) [Blu-ray]

It seems he`ll beat Chu2
Why can't you post the rankings for all of the currently airing shows?
I would prefer the source, because this is probably just bullshit.
Please? I want to know how good/bad Noragami's doing.
That's just the film though.
Yeah yeah, movie vs. two episodes attached to each other save that topic for another day.

Here are the rankings of all the WUG BDs right now to help give context.

***,868位 (***,361pt) [*,*11予約] 2014年03月28日 Wake Up Girls! 1 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
**1,831位 (***,217pt) [*,**5予約] 2014年04月25日 Wake Up Girls! 2 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
**1,994位 (***,214pt) [*,**5予約] 2014年05月23日 Wake Up Girls! 3 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
**2,123位 (***,207pt) [*,**5予約] 2014年06月27日 Wake Up Girls! 4 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
---,---位 (---,---pt) [*,**0予約] 2014年06月27日 Wake UpGirls! 4(Blu-ray Disc)
**2,121位 (***,208pt) [*,**5予約] 2014年07月25日 Wake Up Girls! 5 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
**2,126位 (***,206pt) [*,**5予約] 2014年08月22日 Wake Up Girls! 6 初回生産限定版 [Blu-ray]
Why are there more points for WuG 5 than 4?
>that garbage ranking
It's over Yamakan is finished
Huh, that is strange, especially as I remember there being info on that the last time I checked the stalker.
It will be a glorious day where Takemoto and Yamada will cry bitter tears.
Video of Yamakan crying "It's not fair!" as Wake Up Girls goes to shit when?
Its super fucking interesting how much these gooktoons sell, guys

I know what we can do. Lets make fun of loser faggots who like unpopular shows

Lol why even do that even!?
Video of Yamakan making ahe double peace sign while surrounded by evilly grinning wugs where?
how do i read this?
Yamakan created the most successful Japanese anime in 20 years. Something Space Dandy and Kill la Kill failed.

Ratings of 5/5 at ANN.
Billion fans in China.
Premier worldwide.
Thousands fans on twitter sending him positive impression messages.
Beating Chu2 work with established fanbase, which was predicted to be season top seller.
WUG Mobage slowly but steadily killing Kancolle.
Idol group have whole city dedicated to them and more on TV than Japanese prime minister.
Overseas fans hailing his success.
Real Idols and industry personalities praising him for proper portrayal of idul industry.
Buddhist monk all over a country litterally worshiping his name,
File: 1390327288253.jpg (546.95 KB, 720x827)
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546.95 KB JPG
In most recent japanese Housewives survey, on a question "If you were to cheat on your husband, what kind of man would you have affair with?" Yamakand was 2nd most ranked choice, loosing only to Takeshi Kitano
Why does Yamakan still have a job despite all of his productions being shit?
Its the suit?
Not to forget the movie is actually a bargain at $28 (half the price of a show volume) and comes with a CD. It doesn't really compare in any way.
Not sure if it's trolls who make these threads or legitimately deluded Yamakan fanboys (or idolfags in general).
Gargantia gave avay 9000 of BD1 for free. Your point?

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