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So I'm just getting into Evangelion. I'm reading the manga but I've heard that it's quite different from the original anime. Without many spoilers (Still reading) can you tell me which one is better?
The anime is better, if only for the ending.
Definitely watch it first.
I'll be honest the ending was 2deep4me.
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I personally thought the anime was better, but the manga is also really enjoyable.
Certain scenes and the introspective trippy monologues simply have a much bigger impact in the anime thanks to the camera work, music, and voice-acting. Also cicadas.
But the manga is still really good and a lot of events play out differently, so definitely keep reading it.
The manga is a reinterpretation of a masterpiece, of course it's good, but not nearly AS good.

Drop the manga, watch the series, watch EoE, pick the manga back up
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Read the entire manga, up to the chapter where the final angel is destroyed.

Then watch The End of Evangelion.

Best way to experience the series, hands down.

Afterwards, if you liked the series enough, you can watch the entire TV anime and the newest movies.
So you're recommending him to skip out on the excellent TV ending?
Sounds like a shit choice to me.
Doesn't matter, best girls wins in both.
reading is for nerds
Well, the TV ending is pretty good. It fleshes out and explores the characters in depth before the grand finale.

I guess he can watch TV episode 25 and 26.

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