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File: Lum in scarf.jpg (115.77 KB, 773x903)
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You know what's a good way to spend a slightly chilly Janurary afternoon? Watching Beautiful Dreamer.
source on op?
Why not watch a good movie instead?
That movie is pretty cozy, as is the show sometimes.

>You will never live in quaint Japanese town during the 80's and get into all kinds of trouble with eccentric aliens and spirits.

I had to use google instead of iqdb to find it.
no i want source on ops anime
>title of image is "Lum in scarf"
>OP mentions watching something called "Beautiful Dreamer"
>the gelbooru link that typically has a purple tag displaying what series a character is from

You're almost there champ!
where am i going?

A few years ago (really more like a decade now) they aired the English dub of this on the now-defunct AZN network. It's one of the funniest bad dubs I've ever seen.

File: Lum 50.jpg (33.67 KB, 633x473)
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>Lum will never call you darling.
Ha, them airing it was actually my introduction to the series. They also aired other CPM stuff like Project A-ko, Gall Force and Sol Bianca. Loved it despite the dub, picked up the DVD for $8 at a Fry's.

It has a great commentary track from Oshii as well that really goes into the production and meaning behind the film. Don't think anyone ripped the audio for it, but there is a transcript on a site called Nihon Cine Art, which I can't link to because it's blogspot.

I eventually watched the rest of the series over the span of two years. One of my favorites.

Yeah, that network was basically my introduction to 80's anime. When they aired Akira it seriously blew my mind. That wasn't the only anime movie that they aired, and in terms of more recent anime I can recall at least one airing of Now and Then, Here and There. Also thought it was interesting how almost everything Japanese that they aired had a dub, while the Chinese and Korean stuff was all subbed. Taught me that Korean cinema is depressing as fuck.

Holy shit, somebody else that remembers AZN.
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