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>Sitting in Game Design class doing jack shit as usual
>Teacher walks up to me
>She's a 30 year old gamer chick
>Proceeds to ask why I'm not doing anything productive
>Tell her I just found out my favourite anime just got greenlit for a third season
>She asks what the anime is
>Strike Witches I say
>She googles strike witches and goes to the wiki
>First thing she sees is pic related
>I poker face like no man has ever poker faced before
>She looks at me with a shit eating grin and says "You like smutty anime with panty shots!"
>The blood drains from my face
>"I'm not judging you or anything. You're a teenage guy, you're supposed to like this stuff"
>She sees the animal ears and proceeds to DAAAAAAAWWWWWW
>She asks me where she can watch it
> I link her to the website
I am happy for you, anon. Go get her.
>"I'm not judging you or anything. You're a teenage guy, you're supposed to like this stuff"
She wants it anon, she wants it very very badly.
File: OP.gif (1.44 MB, 320x180)
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>Poker Face'd
>Game Design
> Your Personal Blog
Not your blog.
What makes you think /a/ is your blog?
The amount of fucks he gives probably
He seems retarded, hopefully he can't ban evade.
Are you talking about his virginity?
File: 1345003135644.jpg (152.53 KB, 1417x810)
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152.53 KB JPG
>third season
I get it now.
>I just found out my favourite anime
>favourite anime
>strike witches

Why can't I hold such shit tastes.
SW is okay, but seriously it's got to be the only anime you've watched, to be you're favourite.

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