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You have 10 seconds to give a good reason why incest is not immoral and disgusting.
You can't.
Morality is not objective.
It feels good.
Because it's hard to be disgusting with anything in 2D.
Morality is subjective and used to as a scapegoat to make people think that some things are wrong.
My penis is neither immoral nor disgusting, and whatever he says is ok, is ok.
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>Morality is subjective
because all those horrible birth defects that you hear about children of incest having are actually incredibly rare in the first generation of incest and actually not even more common than that of non-incest partners. You only really have to start worrying about that shit into the 3rd generation

Also this >>100727016
Because Chinami was best girl.
Right, let's wrap this up quickly:

>You have 10 seconds to give a good reason why incest IS immoral and disgusting.

And before you derp, remember that intercourse =/= procreation.
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This is the wrong place to look for people concerned about these things.
File: 2012.jpg (542.15 KB, 700x1039)
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>Strawmen are legitimate forms of debate
Morality is a term used by normalfags to force their opinions on others.

But it is the purest form of love.
File: 1390045954096.png (596.83 KB, 614x637)
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Why is Chinami such a shit?
File: 1379057754202.png (352.27 KB, 533x526)
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Because you have pleb taste.
File: 1388357301646.gif (1.35 MB, 400x400)
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>Annoying imouto that has no independance at all
>Pleb taste
it's cute
There's nothing immoral or disgusting about love.
Humans originated from Adam and Eve, meaning incest was the way our species developed initially. Later on when population expanded, there was no need for inbreeding.

Diversifying the gene pool was healthy and normal for our species. It's not about morality, some people still do it. The pagans would have the eldest son marry the mother if the father died so even our ancestors were going at it.

Morality is the collective opinion of the majority, it is not about right or wrong. If you can influence a large chunk of society to believe in your ideology, you can re-write the code of conduct.

This is how politicians win elections and go to war even though it is morally wrong. Morals are dictated by power.
What VN is this semen demon from?
Persecution of incest by the moral majority is far more disgusting
So basically incest without procreation is ok.
File: 1389805045457.jpg (200.56 KB, 800x1100)
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Fresh out of edgeville
File: incest fags told.jpg (97.62 KB, 483x412)
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>why incest is not immoral and disgusting.

The biggest arugment I've ever heard from people against 'incest' seems to be one of preocreation

>think of the children - genetic disorders and inbreeding traits!!

I therefore ask what of two siblings who are both made infertile e.g. castration, tubes tied whatever of their own choice, would you still object and why?
only if you believe that everything written in the bible is true.

and it's not.

because SCIENCE.
What about homosexual incest?

That's kind of gay, anon.
Science invents theories for things they can't explain, none of it can be proved indefinitely.

Religion gives us different answers, none of it can be proved indefinitely.

Let the people decide what they want to believe? No?
Boku no image search.
File: 1386769192216.jpg (93.53 KB, 500x500)
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Morals are all social constructs.
In different cultures around the world what classifies as incest varies greatly.
For instance, in some muslim societies, it is incest to marry a cousin by your father(i.e. your father's sister's kid), but it is perfectly alright to marry a cousin by your mother.

In some African tribes, you can marry your biological siblings as long as you are adopted by another family. On the other hand, marrying a foster sibling is considered the equivalent of marrying a blood sibling, and is considered incest.

Closer to home, up until a couple of generations ago, in both North America and Europe it was perfectly acceptable to marry second grade relatives(i.e. your children and the children of your cousin), but now it is seen as incest in most parts, with the exception of a few remote places in the southern US and the remote north east of Russia.

So it really depends on what classifies in your culture as incest and how flexible those rules are(i.e. you could probably get away with marrying your second grade cousin in Europe).
So immoral, it's not.
And disgusting... well, that depends on your partner and how horny you are at any given moment, I guess.
File: 1364396656891.jpg (40.75 KB, 506x494)
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Atheistic Agnostic master race. I don't claim to know anything, and I really couldn't give less of a fuck how we got here so long as I can enjoy my chinese cartoons
I'm afraid I can't.

Its dirty, its wrong, and its the kind of thing they do in backwards hillbilly counties.
Not that guy but image search gives me ''sasuke hokage''.
I was just making a semen demon joke but I found it when I searched.
Try harder.
I prefer plain old apatheism.
>genetic disorders and inbreeding traits
I think there were various incidents in the past few years of twins or brothers which were separated as babies and brought up separately getting married to each other, unaware of their biological ties.

Several of these couples got married and had children, and no deformities were reported in the children.

So I guess it really is a bit of a lottery, but that applies to most children, regardless of who you marry. There's no way ever to know for sure your kid won't be born with autism or downs or some life-threatening defect.
File: 1390155736800.png (144.64 KB, 511x511)
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In the case of Kirino and Kyosuke, if the bond is strong and both siblings willing to take responsibility, then they should be left alone.

Everyone should be free to make their own choices in life.
You have 10 seconds to give a good reason why it's any of your business what other people get off to.
You can't.

Oh please.

They aren't special. They're just as sick as the rest.
File: 1370828308197.png (27.80 KB, 586x508)
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You have 10 seconds to explain why women over the age of 30 shouldn't be forcibly sterilized. The risk of genetic abnormalities is higher than 2nd generation incest.

B-but anon! This particular kind of relationship which affects me in no way offends my shallow conceptions of right and wrong!
Kirino perceived him as her role model to excel in life. Later he failed to live up to her expectations. For two seasons, Kysouke suffered torture and drama but finally prevailed.

I don't think intimacy was the primary objective here.
Because a lot of women in the western world are just starting to settle down by that time.
Also, there's the issue of a possible divorce and wanting a child with the second husband. It's nice to have your options open.

That being said, I think the government should give contraceptive pills to all women of legal age, and only be taken off it once they have made a conscious decision to have a child.
And then they will undergo a psychological and physical testing period, during which she is made to read several books on children, such as pre-natal care, looking after babies, child rearing in general and a bit of child psychology.
I see so many women fuck up with their kids so early on, that I really think it would be best if a dictatorship would be installed in order to make sure they are properly informed on the topic before they start popping kids and ruin their lives before they can even make a coherent sentence.
Because you're nothing more than a moralfaggot and as a result your opinion is by default invalid.


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