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Should I continue watching bleach or does it just get worse? I loved the show up until the bountou arc, and then it got really boring. It picked up a little at the vizards, but you already knew he would succeed. Does it get better?
>Not dropping it at the soul society arc
Bleach was awful from the beginning.
Watching filler. Not even once
It keeps getting worse and worse. Drop it,
>but you already knew he would succeed.
>Does it get better?

You've already figured out the entire series, so... no.

As the story arcs keep going basically Ichigo just keeps discovering more and more bullshit powers hidden deep within him or some shit.
Will do, thanks. Although, when Ichigo demolished Aizen with mugetsu, that was cool. I watched ahead on AS when i couldn't find the remote
Well thats dumb, but what if i just skip to after the mugetsu? That is where i accidently skipped ahead too once.
A buddy of mine was trying to get me to watch this with him. I got about 18 episodes in before I realized how fucking stupid and formulaic it was.

Seriously, it's on par with the pokemon anime. Just the same thing every episode with a different skin.
>watching filler
Just read the manga.
After soul society, if you REALLY wanna see what happens, just read the manga from then on. Also bount was filler so fuck that
Skip all the fillers.
Watch SS arc.
Skip-read the manga's HM arc.
Watch Winter's War because it's animated very decently.
Watch Fullbring arc.
Read 1000 Year Blood War until the most recent chapter.
Rewatch the "Mask" ED on youtube or something.
Realize how much you want anime to come back.
It's shit.

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