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How are DBZ's (super) saiyans like Nazis or the Aryan Race?

Any other things worth making connects?
Super saiyans have green eyes, not blue
Hair is supposed to look "golden", not blonde. Something to do with Sun Wukong I guess, who is associated with the color gold for whatever reason.
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This. Also, pic related doesn't help.
I'd say Saiyans are more like the Zulu's than those two, unless you're just talking appearance
Saiyans are Japaneses and they're the Aryans of the east
>Super saiyans have green eyes, not blue

The Wehrmacht had lots of nigger soldiers, so a black helper isn't exactly weird.

But Saiyans are more Nietzscheans (What doesn't kill them makes them stronger), and Nietzsche would have been sent to the camps (Philosemite, freemason, hated socialism), so the parallels end there.
Have you ever read an interview with Toriyama? I can guarantee you that he didn't put that much thought into what he was doing
If he did he'd have no reason to hide his intentions, plenty of weirder and more shocking stuff gets published
Aryans are not blonde haired and blue eyed, that's Scandanavian.
Aryans have brown hair and green eyes. For some reason everyone thinks it's blonde though.

I know the actual race. I was just saying the generalized German created Aryans.
Yeah, the German aim was to have a race of brown haired, green eyed people. You know, like Hitler?
They just had a lot of Scandavian blood so had a lot of blondes.

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