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Anyone else feel this way? The fight this chapter lacked impact and intensity for me. Probably blame this on Zhang Liao not being cornered and using Musou or finally having to fight in an open space instead of a 3x3 grid.

Or maybe it's because I rarely see TSC use a damn sword. Does he just suck with it? Ugh, sometimes I wish for that wuxia over the top shit again when Lu Bu fought the handicap warriors.

Alright who the fuck am I kidding, no one reads this shit.
Yeah, the fight was nothing special (it wasn't even the main focus of the chapter), but Sun Quan has a nice umbrella (I didn't really get some of his epich speech though).
Taishi Ci just needed to die, historically he just died for sickness and the novel doesn't use him much afterwards anyway.
Also, it was nice and surprising to see Deng Ai.

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