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Awesome series.
Fucking Faust. I loved him. I would gladly read some more stories with him. And his waifu and dogfu.

I should start reading Flowers... it's on my backlog.
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Yeah, Faust was like the best character of the series.
>In this test you need to use your spiritual energy to survive the landing
>Hehehehehe.... I got myself 20 shots of morphine... I'll just replace bones and operate myself after landing...

And shit, I was seriously crying when he went and fought his final songbattle
Japanese, Italian and Polish are the best openings

Which one do you like more, anime or manga?
I always prefer anime because of the visual sensation.

But you can't deny original manga is, in most cases, better.
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>Don't forget about the keyhole. It's the most important part

I still laugh when I remember that line.

Also, Ren And Yoh got themselves best wifus
Remember fucking ALIENS?
And then some people went NUDIST BEACH.
Shit was glorious.
well I mainly ask because Shaman King manga and anime are very different. I know some people prefer the anime because it doesn't have the repetitive deaths to increase power levels.

I prefer the mnga because there is more to it, but I watched anime series about 3 times

Italian opening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6VGVTuY-78
Angels being exotic cars was one thing, but then Marco revealed his homo outfit.
>I watched anime series about 3 times

There is something very wrong in your life
How is rewatching series wrong?
Anime is utter shit. Throwing out original content from the manga like it is the pest or something.
File: Marco_Battle_Uniform_1.jpg (26.45 KB, 278x413)
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Battle Uniform

The series is over 10 years old, it's not that special. who are you to judge?
Kinda like FMA

Rewatching shaman king itself is wrong
Exactly. Except FMA did a better job at it.
Watched bad dub, rewatched with subs, rewatched anime after reading manga for nostalgia value
Stories are different, so different people will think one is better or worse.
I liked Russian op too
The only character that can beat Demonbane
>Shamanem karalom
Heh, funny.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIxZtYhkVsY Opinions on the spanish op?
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I don't think she got the ending she deserved. I'm happy that Yoh ended up with Anna I like her more, and they have history, but I would rather have Tamao just go on some jurney rather than taking care of Hana
I know, right? It pisses me off so much that people can't realize that Yoh is literally GOD. He should be at the top of the power rankings. It is so stupid that people actually believe some robot is stronger than the power of God.
I agree. Yoh and Anna just dumped their baby at her. Reminds me of Kanna (20th Century Boys).
Yoh is NOT literally GOD. He didn't become Shaman King. Hao is literally GOD.

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