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For a board that absolutely loses it's shit every time a recommendation thread is even implied, why aren't there corresponding links stickied to the first page?
Nobody reads stickies except the mods.
Personally I think there should be a /ar/ board. /r/'s 99% pron. Not safe for my virgin eyes.
Heh, I must be a mod then.
Because we don't more shitters on the board. If you lurk you'd pick up on everything airing, where and how to watch it. Stop being an entitled bitch and lurk moar, faggot.
Now if only everyone went back to telling newfags to lurk more.

When will people realize "get out" and >>>/v/ only makes newfags want to stay ignorant?
Not anime.
Because we decided that we don't want them.

Stickies give people the impression that it was okay to be a newfag piece of shit, when it is not. You're not supposed to be spoonfed everything, you're supposed to lurk the fuck more, learn how to behave, learn how to fit in.

Once you've done that, you know how to find new shows on your own and you know how to speak to /a/ to be given recommendations.

This is the only way for a board to maintain it's own distinct culture. It forces people to assimilate. Anything else results in a board's downfall.
>not reading manga
>implying said great manga is still running
>implying people who where to even start looking rather than top X lists
We tried it once before that I remember.
Instead of your usual rec threads being made, we had a string of:
>I watched everything on the wiki, now what do I watch?
>The wiki is too outdated, give me something more recent to watch.
>I liked X, Y and Z from the wiki, anything similar I should check out?
>All the shows in the wiki look like shit, give me something I might like to watch.
It didn't help whatsoever, and was taken down.

I wouldn't mind a sticky saying "Want a new show to watch? Fucking google for one."

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