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File: Focus_Ch03_045.png (426.46 KB, 895x1400)
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ITT: God Tier Harem MCs

Take pic related:
>Convinces multiple girls to strip down and let him take their pictures, they get wet while it happens
>breaks into a girls house and photographs her half naked, she THANKS him for it
>actually goes on dates and does things with members of his harem
>no "misunderstandings"
>doesn't get smacked every time there is a panty shot
Sounds like an incredibly stupid and sexist story.
None of this is a MC's action, just a situation.
Well, it's the less I can expect from newshit who judge everything by readin description.
If that girl wins I'm not reading it

>responding to bait

Also based on OP's conditions for a good harem MC, then Keita Suminoe should easily be the best harem MC.
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File: img000020.png (509.83 KB, 1195x1700)
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Please, if there is any harem I'd be a part of, it's the one with megane childhood friend.
Trinity Seven's MC is pretty cool.
File: 1373808718033.jpg (88.34 KB, 796x575)
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>11 volumes out
>19 chapters translated

File: ehhnandatte.jpg (39.95 KB, 848x480)
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>Knows how to treat a lady
>Does everything he can to help them with their problems
>Thinks about how to capture them critically instead of just going with the flow, it isn't just the case of lucky situations
File: 1387398399903.jpg (201.13 KB, 756x813)
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201.13 KB JPG
/a/ is not feminist, deal with it.
It has nothing to do with feminism. OP's character sounds like a stupid jackass.
File: stop making me horny.png (206.60 KB, 386x696)
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Darling from Monster girls is actually pretty likable
>Can look past the monster part and just see the girl
>Good at house keeping stuff like sewing, cooking, and cleaning
>He still pusses out when it comes to sex but he has no trouble talking to girls n shit
>Pretty good looking and somewhat /fit/
>He doesn't have special powers like the majority of harem leads but he's not afraid to punch people for disrespecting his monster waifus
He may still be a self insert but he's definitely not the average "OH GOD I GOTTA TALK TO GIRLZ O JEEZ IM SO NERVOUS" type.
>OP's character sounds like a stupid jackass.
You sound like a buttmad fujoshi with irrational hatred of men who have a healthy love life.
This is not healthy.
File: 1386179452014.png (255.75 KB, 736x1515)
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Jackass =/= sexist
File: 1380477997800.png (148.14 KB, 633x471)
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>I'm not denying anything in that post, also you're WRONG because...BECAUSE

Thank you son of a bitch for reminding me this isn't translated.

Fuck you, sincerely FUCK YOU.
He's not actually pussing out from getting sex.
He just knows it's crime...

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