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I've be en trying to watch anime on a tablet but when I play the videos, they show some rrally annoyin frames and when I install mxplayer codecs, the videos look good, but they also play really slow, what am I doing wrong?
Please help me

>using a tablet
Well I can't turn on my PC when I'm on the buss, can I?
>trying to watch anime on a tablet

That's retarded, but try asking /g/.

>Leaving the basement
>Typing on a tablet
/a/ is way more useful than /g/
My PC dies and I want to finish my backlog as soon as possible.
What tablet do you use? If you're trying to play 720p 10bit video, use the s/w decoder.
What format and codec are your vids? I use mxplayer with nothing else and have been watching deadfish 720 encodes with no issues on my Note II.
I have been trying to watch 720 releases of bake and they look awful. 1920 and up just play reslly slow.
I have a terawarek977

It's been a fucking while since I used MX but have you tried turning on\off the hardware acc (H/W, S/W icon)?Pretty sure you could get some speed by toogling it, but I don't have my phone on me right now.
Tdurning on hwac makes it run normal, but with frames issues.
Sw makes the video look better, but it also maƱes it slower when I try to olay 1280 and up videos.

Hm, that's weird. Anyways, there's an option in Settings>Decoder to enable H/W+, which looks like an experimental plugin. I say it's worth giving a shot.

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