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Do you dream about your waifu?
If so, when was the last time you dreamed about her, and what was it about. Also, what did she look like? (aka, was she still 2d or 3dpd?)

No need to explain in detail if something lewd happened.
if I have a dream about an anime grill does that automatically make them my waifu?
Did you just want to be with her, or do lewd things with her.

Also, were you depressed when you woke up?

If 1st and 3rd points are the case, she's your waifu.
Never. I've had dreams involving my waifu, such as one where she starred in a movie, and countless dreams where I've been browsing 4chan and someone has said something about her.

But none in which she's real, because I'm not delusional.
tonight I dreamt that I was having a dispute with a dude, not sure who that was, and for some reason I was at my parents home (I live alone now). They were watching tv or somethin, I was behind the sofa with this dude. I think he was a friend at first, since we were just man-playing (hitting each other, laughing) but then I punched him hard in the stomach and he said "well at least I fucked her, while you are still a virgin". My dad turned around and shouted "scooore" so I gave him the strongest right fist in the history of human kind on the cheek. I knocked him out hard. Yet he still won. Because I was hearth broken. My waifu is ayanami.

I learned 3 things from this dream:

1) I have real feelings for ayanami
2) I am ashamed of not having lost my V card
3) I am ashamed that my parents might find out.
> countless dreams where I've been browsing 4chan and someone has said something about her.

your waifu a shit

>this is just a dream.

also. dreams = being delusional?
Are you retarded. they are called dreams for a reason. I know she ain't real. I also know I can't fly. Yet many people dream of flying.
Not really, I once dreamed of a certain character I find annoying.
Haven't had a dream about her in a long time. Some have been pretty strange (her hair changing color in response to my touch; inviting me to a cannibal circle with her friends...) Last dream I had was pretty normal, though a bit reassuring. Apparently, her feelings for me are genuine...

It's nice to dream...
In my last dream about her, she had completely different hair and darker skin. It was particularly nice because she sang for me.
Sadly i have never had a dream of Rei.
Wanting to be with her does not help.

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