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I know the story was slow and at times nonexistent but what does /a/ think about this?

personally I'm okay with it as long as he finds a way to continue and end the story.

from the author:
My meeting just ended... Well then, I tweeted this at the time of the release of the tenth volume of Blood Alone, but I have a fairly sad announcement to make. I'm very sorry to have to make it.

The “serialization” of Blood Alone in Evening will end this spring. I apologize for my lack of power in this situation... ….However, since the story has only just entered the climax, I will continue to write the manga after its serialization has ended, and will finish it through selling dojinshi (self-published books) and digital books (the number of pages remaining in the manga will take up around four compiled volumes).

I would like to do my best release the remainder of Blood Alone in digital and physical forms with the ideas of “low price” and “simplicity to obtain.” I suppose I will sell the eleventh volume continuing the series as a dojinshi at the Comitia event in May.
Well it started as a doujin and will end as one I guess
To be honest he kinda dragging it too much.

Some chapter doesn't really serve any purpose, not even for character development. ( Misaki being cute is still good, but probably not a good thing from company perspective )
No more official english release ever because Infinity and Seven Seas both dropped it anyway.

So long as it gets scanalated I guess.

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