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Blood Alone manga creator Masayuki Takano announced on his Twitter on Tuesday that the manga will end prematurely in Kodansha's Evening magazine in the spring.

Creator plans to finish series following young vampire girl and vampire-focused author with dojinshi
Has there been many cases like this where the author finishes it with doujinshi? Although, this began as a doujinshi as well.

So what, it was just canned by the magazine? That's what it sounds like at least.
>end prematurely in Kodansha's Evening magazine in the spring.
>end prematurely

Fucking awful.
Why? It's been going on for so long.

Actually, why has it been going on for so long? The releases are very few and far between.
So when you say "end prematurely", you mean an end to the publication in the magazine, not an end to the story itself. Fine by me, maybe finishing it in doujins will give him the freedom to finish it how he wants without editor meddling or something.
Aren't manga authors usually contractually barred from making doujins of their own series? There's always been lots of exceptions though, lucky he doesn't seem to be bound that way.
it started as doujin so I assume he has full rights to begin with
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By finish is it going to be just a chapter or two or is it going for a little longer than that?
I think the article says 4 volumes worth of material left

Like it matters, do we even get scans of that anymore?

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