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>all those bans and deletions in naruto threads
Looks like Inspector Redwood is up

He's still in the naruto threads watching over them like a hawk.

Are you gonna delete the loli threads next?
Kill yourself.
Do you need assistance?
What's wrong with banning Naruto shit?
Yeah he's just banning dub posters and spammers
that's /b/ shit right there
Ok, from what I understand.

He's supposedly a mod who's based on /co/ as a tripfaggot. His identity as a mod was revealed however sometime during N/a/ruto.

Moderators aren't supposed to reveal themselves but an email states that he can't fired because external sources ousted him. While however is he still using a trip?

Wouldn't the appropriate course of action for a mod to be to go anonymous or use a different trip without raising suspicion, isn't the reason for hiding your moderative abilities so that your presence doesn't derail threads?
Who is Inspector Redwood? A mod from /co/ known for being black, cosplaying and a regular in the generals of homestuck.
His love for tumblr,feminism and his fellow black man is great.
Believes 2D=3D ie lolicon pornography=CP.
In the past year he was promoted to mod status.
This allowed him global status which allowed him to moderate all other boards besides /co/.
He is the one responsible for cleaning up /sp/ of /b/ro culture, power levels and other shitposting at night.

He has been deleting sad panda threads, loli threads,visual novels, light novels and ecchi anime/manga for months now on /a/. He leaves recommendation threads and sauce threads alone. He spends his time protecting and cleaning up naruto threads. Redwood goes out of his way to clean up posts harassing other fellow tripfag users.

You can find him usually moderating KLK,SNK, and space dandy threads as they're his favorites.

His mission is to transform /a/ into another hugbox like /co/ but for anime and manga.

He is lolimod and rapeape rolled into one sinister being.

Examples of this man's faggotry.

He's already taken down his deviantart cosplay account
Christ, last time we had this much mod faggotry Accel-kun was there to help us, things would be different if only he were still here.
Vegeta eats pretzels and coke for lunch
Stop making these threads you autistic fuckwits.
Your babby tears aren't going to fucking do anything.
We have nigger mods, let alone tumblr feminist nigger mods?

Jesus fuck, this place has fallen low.
Daily reminder this thread is made by someone from /co/mblr .

Well that explains why he's started lurking /a/, hopefully he'll disappear when Shit Dandy stops airing.
Dat face looks like a shop. Looks comical as fuck. Knew this guy was a faggot when he first came to /cgl/. Sucking up to everyone and not having any opinions of his own. His spiderman cosplay was wack ass fuck and the faggots on /cgl/ never called him out on it. Which was surprising since /cgl/ makes a with hunt out of terrible cosplayers but this guy was dick sucking everybody in an attempt to fit in so its not surprising.

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