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I'm enjoying these series so far, it's both fun and interesting. Who are you rooting for? Onodera or Chitoge?
Go fuck yourself.
Normally, I'm a pretty easy going guy, try to respect people's opinions since who really cares and all that jazz, but Nisekoi is one of the few series I refuse to budge on. It's fucking terrible, quite possibly one of the most painfully generic, by-the-numbers series I've read in a long while. The mangaka is basically just stretching it out for as long as possible to rake in the Jump money. I mean, in that regard I can't say I blame him, but on the other hand he can go fuck himself.

Additionally, here's a game for you: take a shot every time you spot a cliche. I guarantee you'll end up in the hospital (if not already dead) by the end.
While thats true I've still grown attached to the characters and applaud him for making me care for them. But these fucking fillers Jesus christ. I hope it gets back to normal soon, and with 106 it might have started,

BTW, Chitoge ftw
I my opinion it's just mindless fun. I'm only 2 episodes in and I haven't read the manga so I might change my heart. In respect ot the cliches series that are considered "masterpieces" such as K-ON! had the same (if not more) amount of cliches.
I have some Tequila leftovers from a party, I'll play your game with the next episode.
The beginning is fine, around chapter 50 I had to stop reading it because it became unbearable.

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