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>them words
Sigh, I'd hate to have to redownload all this now.. But why did they have to sub it like this?

I thought Coalgirls were at least better than that.
Use HorribleSubs.
I'm guessing they're localising some accent
Don't know the scene or the characters
didn't she speak in kansai-ben sometimes
Because translators think the american southern accents are equivalent to kansai-ben.
They've done it before, but I tried to look past it.

Also don't really see the point in writing like that since translating from Jap -> ENG when on a different language will just make things sound out of place.. Well, at least for a scene where she's supposed to be feeling down it would be awkward.

And it doesn't even fit her character.
It was a shitty show anyways,while it does contain an autistic character, you don't need to get so flustered over it.
>I'd hate to have to redownload all this now
sometimes autism sounds like it's more of a nightmare than schizophrenia
I never understood why subgroups translate kansai-ben like this. Is it not enough that you hear the characters talking in accent?
Why are people so stupid? Also it's an attempt to transcribe kansaiben, it's usually done as a folksy southern accent.
I've also seen accents where the translators add "s" to th end of random words, making thems plural.
>character ends sentences with nya
>translates into cat puns
also why is the main character such a fucking indecisive bastard

my god, i hate characters like him. they won't ever make a move, they don't have a goal in life, or.. anything. what the fuck are you living for you piece of shit, YOU PREPARED FOR THIS.

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