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>MC protag has rivalry with other character who is a dick to everyone
>villain kills off asshole character
>MC doesn't get pissed or promise revenge, but instead is happy the jackass is gone and that he can now live his life without his bullshit
I fucking wish
>implying rivalries arnt god tier
i'd like to see a situation where the ultimate evil bad guy is actually a placid, nice guy and completely undeserving of his reputation when the heroes finally track him down.
>BBEG's tean vs MC's rival team
>BBEG's team loses
>Rival team saves the world
Maoyu Maou Yuusha
>Tsundere hits MC
>MC fights back, breaks her arm
is that the one with the red head/yellow eyes everyone hated?

cause i think he was legit evil at some point at least. never watched it.
>Girl the MC likes is a bitch
>Is killed off in order to move plot forward
>Girl is a bitch to the guy she likes
>Gets killed and replaced with a better girl
>Girl never warms up to her love interest
>Gets cursed to suffer for all eternity
>other character who is a dick to everyone
>implying that it's not the MC who's a dick to everyone
It's the one with the enormous tits.
>MC choses childhood friend
different show
>MC has no love interest
>Everyone around him does
yahari ore

at least in the begginning
>MC is a cripple
Steel Ball Run truly is a masterpiece.
>MC actually works to gain strength rather than having god-given talent.
>being a pleb with no talent
Nah, that would be boring.
>implying watching MC grow as a person from a weakling into a hero isn't fun.
File: maou_smile.gif (871.34 KB, 480x270)
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871.34 KB GIF
It's this one
She turns out to be a pretty good Demon King, because she's willing to work with the Hero to end the war peacefully through the power of Economics
>those maou mammaries
>I'm moving my hips directly.
>mfw people think you can actually make it to the top with hard work alone
It makes for a great story to keep the masses from rising up though.
Wait isnt that the one with WORTHLESS MEAT

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