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why did trigger make her all naked and shit? it looks ridiculous
>>>/middle east/
Another one of these? Come on now. Bitching about the animation is more entertaining than that now.
I find this to be sexier than the original. Is that wrong?
No, is not wrong, having in mind that you're gay
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Don't you see that KlK is a parody of animation? It needs to be ridiculous.
Its a metaphor. More power with less fabric so when she takes down REVOCS she can say you didn't need all that special clothes, you need to learn about your lord and saviour of NUUDISTO BEACH
It doesn't seem that much like a parody to me.
The whole goddamn show is one big Cutie Honey homage

Triggerniggers would realize this if they weren't all vapid retards who've only watched TTGL
Looks to me like you would fit in a lot more at tumblr then you would in /a/.
Fucking faggot.
Though there is symbolism behind being clothed and nudity within the show, there is no such symbolism for the protagonist's nudity. Kamuis should be the epitome of clothing and therefore the wearer should be very covered up if anything.
Because the only anime you've watched is Boku no Pico. KlK is a constant quotation.
To prove a point and send the message that it's okay for girls to be sexually attractive without being ashamed of it...that is, as long as you don't mind everyone getting a boner from seeing you.
I'm not so sure.
Apparently, anon is just now realizing that every anime has similar cliches.
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For reasons.

1.- For the public.
2.- Because that way it looks like Senketsu, a vampiric symbionte, is devouring her.
3.- For the public.
4.- There's a theme in the show about clothes and their role in society AND the biblical tale of man's first sin. Semi-nudity fits that theme.

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