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V/a/lentines thread

Has everyone gotten their assignments yet?
Gotten their what?
Some losers are sending each other cards, posing as their waifus. It's the saddest fucking thing in the universe.
Only the gift ones, still waiting on bonus card assignments
Already built 2 of the gifts and bought the 3rd
spent 4 hours in workshop cutting/filing a custom keychain of assignment's waifu's weapon
to be far, i'm in the $10-$25 bracket
File: 1390205353758.jpg (60.46 KB, 474x361)
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60.46 KB JPG
Your recipient is a lucky bastard
File: MTuldML.jpg (1018.20 KB, 4147x3110)
1018.20 KB
1018.20 KB JPG
My yarn is ready. One of you will get gloves based on the colors of her clothes.
Holy shit, where do I sign up?
This is gold.
>where do I sign up?
you can't anymore, sign up ended over a week ago
File: 1372180243489.jpg (56.26 KB, 944x719)
56.26 KB
56.26 KB JPG
lets hope they feel the same way!
there's going to be chocolate and stuff with it too
File: 1388158830681.jpg (134 KB, 456x402)
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134 KB JPG
> gloves
> based on colour of clothes [/spoilers]
>tfw your waifu wears those colours

How difficult are gloves to knit? I've only ever done simple scarfs so far. Any good tutorials you know of?
Isn't Valentines 15 of february?

What the fuck is going on?
File: Spoiler Image (334.06 KB, 1552x2592)
334.06 KB
334.06 KB JPG
I do crochet.

Both are quite simple if you want to do simple things like scarfs. You only need to learn like 2 things; turning and normal.

I can't knit so I have no idea how hard it is to knit a glove. It is however quite easy to crochet one. It takes less than one day for me to make a pair of them.

I've done more more complex things, pic related.
File: Merry - Donut.png (162.80 KB, 534x377)
162.80 KB
162.80 KB PNG
There's a thread? Nice.
Cards fucking Soon™
Anyone who is in the cards only section, I apologize. This is a LOT more difficult than I thought it would be as I keep hitting dead ends. Didn't think I'd be playing snakes and ladders just trying to get things together. It's going to be extra hard today seeing how it's already 6:10am and I've gotta shovel all that snow outside soon as my family wakes up in an hour or so.

I AM currently looking for a person who would not mind doing international shipping in the $50+ bracket or a international $10-25 bracket.
There were people who ended up being left out of my spreadsheet due to my own overlooking and I sent out all the assignments with those people left out. If you don't mind those parameters, send me an email.
I would love a gasmask like that
My assignment listed some types of manga he liked. As a sort of supplementary gift I was thinking of including the first one or two volumes from a couple of series that'd fit within the genres, would that be a good idea? Sort of like a sampler. Or should I just pick a short full series?
personally I'd prefer a few taster volumes than one complete series, that way you can pick which ones to pick up
>I AM currently looking for a person who would not mind doing international shipping in the $50+
Well I guess that's probably me.
Honestly Blue, if it really cost you too much trouble just skip me, I would feel horrible if it ends up ruining your nights haha.
File: 1289122878180.jpg (23.28 KB, 415x415)
23.28 KB
23.28 KB JPG
Guess I'll post this here. SBfrom NV I've just received your Christmas card. Better late than never I guess. Nice drawing though.
>not wanting a card from your waifu
It's from a fat sweaty man posing as my waifu.
I did 50+, but never got my assignment.
File: Delicious donut.png (827.31 KB, 865x897)
827.31 KB
827.31 KB PNG
Resend email. As far as I see, there's only one $50+ without an assignment, and he already spoke up in this thread.
Just did.
>tfw no yandere valentine who wants to be with you forever.

I might as well be dead.
curiousity: How many sign ups this year?
don't suppose you could post a breakdown of price catergories and countries/states in the valentines day thread?
Thanks, I'll see to this right now.

I suppose I can give a couple numbers.
Participants (78)

Cards Only (17)
$10-25 (24)
$25-50 (18)
$50+ (19)

Australia (2)
Caribbean (1)
Canada (6)
Eurasia (16)
Japan (1)
Mexico (2)
South America (1)
US (49)

International Shippers (30)
International Shippers with restraints(16)
Non-International Shippers (32)

Total Number of Cards To Be Made (161)
Most Card Assignments held by one person (10)

Number of People Who I've Accidentally Left Out of the Gift Pairings (6)
It's really all over the world huh
>Japan (1)
Is that a gajiin that moved there or a local?
do nips visit /a/?
It's Russian. It is a bitch to put on since all rubber / latex / whatever it is needs to be pulled over your head - Gimp style.

No Sweden?
File: Sensei-Sensei.png (260.09 KB, 406x407)
260.09 KB
260.09 KB PNG
Does Sweden not count as part of Europe/Asia? You're in there.
Apparently I suck a geography. My bad.
File: Merry - Smile X.png (88.48 KB, 258x255)
88.48 KB
88.48 KB PNG
Happens. I'll be here for any questions and email.
Any estimation on card assignments?
Reminder that if you send a gift to countries with customs tax to mail it to yourself first and then to the recipient declaring it as a gift. I've just received a 23USD fee to collect a mysterious Xmas gift.

Also, if the gift you're sending is from a domestic source it may even work out cheaper in postage to mail it internationally yourself as companies often work on generalised estimates.
>sending a valentine's gift direct from store
I really hope nobody is doing this.
People who are strapped for time prioritise just getting something sent. I know companies like Thorntons do special gift wrapped deliveries for their chocolates, and if you go for floral displays it's a given you'd leave it to their arrangements.
File: Isana - Cross hands.png (104.07 KB, 224x405)
104.07 KB
104.07 KB PNG
Every single day I walk into it, I feel I can finish it THAT DAY but there's always some error I walk into.

Right now I'm going to focus on the European/Asian non-international group and slowly move my way over to US non-int group. And then fill in all the holes using Internationals. They're like wild cards in a really crazy puzzle.
File: 1362743464227.gif (2.22 MB, 243x300)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF
MAAAAAN!!! I MISS THIS EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!! i want a card to...
Please do take note of the bottom half of >>100712435
To the person without a waifu:
You really know how to kill all of my fun, don't you?
It'll probably be done either when I get back from class tonight, or tomorrow sometime.
At least you gave me something to work with, but how am I supposed to pretend to be a cute girl in love with you if you if you're this vague?
Anyway, eagerly awaiting cards assignments.
Sorry if I come off as a nuisance, but I am that guy that didn't get an assignment at 50+, but if I can't be included, I am ok with it, but can I know if so.
You could switch to the 10-25 bracket if nobody wants to do 50 with you?
File: Yui - Seriously.png (63.30 KB, 279x334)
63.30 KB
63.30 KB PNG
As far my loose ends go, here's what it's looking like:

1 Caribbean, International
1 US, Non-Int

1 JPN, Int
2 US, Non-Int

1 EU, Non-Int

I am currently speaking to someone who MIGHT be able to patch the gap for $50+.
As for the other two gaps, I'm not certain how I can fill them unless someone who wanted to participate sees this thread and sends me an email. Not to mention that every time I try to send a message to the JP email address, I get a mailing error.
File: 1335285899868.png (21.78 KB, 157x215)
21.78 KB
21.78 KB PNG
Sweeden bro, I hope you'll enjoy my present

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