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File: 2014-01-21_23-26-56.png (398.29 KB, 816x746)
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Is it happening?
Will based Madara finally end this shit.
they'll fuse to make Saruto.
Some bullshit is going to happen next chapter, so no.
>both dead
>come back as spirits through pure will power
>stop madara because they are now demigods
calling it
File: Orochimaru.jpg (42.93 KB, 640x480)
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>Thinking Madara will win
>Not the even more cunning Orochimaru who's scheming at this exact moment for him to strick

Madara is plot fodder
Orochimaru is the true final boss
>their will of the fire for each other is so strong that their hearts implode at the same time causing the world to be sucked into each point (sorta like polls) everything and everyone will be living in a point between Naruto and Sasuke where naruto is hokage and sasuke is his right hand bitch. it will be like the infinite tsukuyomi but naruto and sasuke will have caused it, rin will come back to life because they dont want their sansei to be sad. minato will come back to life with his wife (forgot name)
> everyone will be aware of what happened and they will all pray to naruto and sasuke because they are the ultimate god form of this new world. and all the shinobi of the world will thank them.
If orochimaru suddenly steals madara's body I would pick this back up.

Please no

Someone's gonna sacrifice himself. Is it gonna be Gaara or Hinata though?

Same here. This would be too amazing
I hope Madara kill them all
10/10 manga
yes make this happen>>100705156
it's already shit aniways


Stay pleb, lel.

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