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File: 2014peace.jpg (242.29 KB, 600x450)
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I am going to post this every day in 2014.

Peace peace
Shitty comic relief girl.
You won't even make it to February
you can't do it OP

your autism isn't strong enough
These threads make me legitimately upset.

I posted yesterday, and will try to post this. Firstly, this isn't the type of 'Every Day Until You Like It' that Sakurafish was, it's the 'Every Day In 20XX'. Sakurafish threads were never about F/SN, so I don't believe that the anyone claiming that this could be considered a Gatari thread is correct. The absolute worst part is that this guy has a trip. I'm becoming more and more convinced that this guy thinks he's cool, the next Sakurafish, Trainman, what have you. If it truly was going to be one of those quirky /a/ things, then it should be anonymous. There were even some kind anons would said in yesterday's thread that if this guy missed it they would post it instead - the trip ruins this, because it's not an /a/ effort, it's the effort of a tripfag. The trip makes it not something we can all share in, but is some stupid claim to fame "I'm the Peace Peace guy!!". The trip itself is the final insult, and which is why these threads shouldn't be bumped. If the purpose was to troll me and get me mad, I guess OP was successful. But if the purpose IS to troll then it's not /a/-related.

TLDR I suck cocks and these threads get me mad as hell
How does it feel to know that according to timezones, you missed out on the 1st of January in Japan? You can stop now.
don't listen to him op
believe in your power
Believe in the onii-chan who believes in Yotsugi!
File: 1368367734916.gif (532.27 KB, 349x240)
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Continuing to post this whenever I see this thread.
File: 1385859144368.jpg (197.94 KB, 545x690)
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197.94 KB JPG
I'm going to post this image in your threads, occasionally
Piss piss~
File: 1390025154619.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
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piss piss
I've already explained to you that this fag has a trip because we asked him to get a trip. Your argument is based on untrue premises. An argument can't be sound if any of its premises are untrue.
>/a/ - Anime & Random!
>not Oni no Onii-chan
File: oni no oniichan.png (1.84 MB, 4303x5000)
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Would sex with her feel pleasant?

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