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Hi, /a/. I need recommendations for romance animes to perpetuate my 3-month-long (and counting) shut-in spree due to agoraphobia caused by frequent daily panic attacks out of fucking nowhere for no reason at all. My girlfriend's super concerned and calls me all the time but she can't visit me because she's part italian and I live with my grandmother who's racist because she still thinks it's WWII or something. I fill the void with romance animes. I'll list a few that I've watched recently so you get an idea of the art style / plot type I like, with stars next to the ones I especially liked:

>*Ano Natsu de Matteru
>*Nagi No Asukara
>*Sword Art Online
>Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (the endings suck though)
>Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo
>Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai
>*Eden of the East (even though there wasn't enough romance for my tastes)
>Kokoro Connect
>*Eureka 7 (fucking classic)

Seriously fucking help me out right now before I go insane. I am so bored.


Pic related. SAO wallpaper.
Boku no pico is the greatest love story in all the multiverse.
Garbage tastes.
Clannad + Afterstory
Come on guys....seriously? :(
Shit taste. Tell your doctor to give you a benzo and go back outside; you're not cut out for this life
Bible Black. Now fuck off.
chu-2 byou
date a live
denpa onna to seishun
hachimitsu to clover
hataraku maou sama
kaicho wa maid sama (watch this 1st, niger)
koi to senkyo to chocolate
kokoro connect
lovely complex (watch this 2nd, niger)
mayo chiki
ookami-san to shichinin
sakurasou (3rd, must watch, niger)
special a
the world only god knows
toradora (ebin 5ever, watch this too)
yahari ore no seishun (this too fagit)

most of these are romcoms. so fuck off now.
At least I'm not a shut-in by choice.
Hmm, you like sweet love stories, eh? Try these:

* Aku no Hana. Based on the poetry of Baudelaire, so it has to be romantic.
* Boogiepop Phantom. You'll probably love Episode 4.
* Aoi Bungaku. The first arc, specifically. A classic Japanese love story.
* Welcome to the NHK! A wonderful piece of escapism to brighten things up.

Hopefully things work out for you!
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Please, no.
Wow, you're a loser.
Kill yourself.
>>*Eureka 7 (fucking classic)
pfthahahahahaha. Only a retarded Shipper/Libfag would think this.
File: 1357442234719.png (172.29 KB, 402x502)
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How come I heard Kevin Heart's voice when you put down this post.

You'll need to pay up first.
Wow, nice people actually exist on 4chan. Jesus christ.
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The reason I said classic is because I watched it senior year of highschool. I haven't rewatched it or anything, I just remember thinking it was cool back then.
>nice people

every time
See? It's either denial or nostalgiafaggotry that makes people think it's so fucking flawless. Go ahead. Rewatch it. Dubbed. Discover it's humongous amount of flaws.
still watching anime dubbed

god damnit
Maybe try School Days? It's one of the more well-known romcoms around here.
Oh God it's horrible. There are people on /a/ itself that claim Eureka's dub voice is better than the sub voice. Goes to show what kind of fanbase it has, huh?
Your life sounds like an anime OP.

Anyway are recommendation threads like these actually against the rules? I thought it was only the ones that begin with "hi /a/ Im new to anime but I liked cowboy bebop and naruto can you recommend me some animes xd"

Why cant /a/ have a sticky on the front page explaining this? Im confused. Are all recommendation threads against the rules?
Yes, lurk more.

It doesn't matter if they are against the rules anyway, you are a newfag if you need recs, and newfags shouldn't post, fuck off.
>my girlfriend
>Being happy
>Being on /a/
Pick one and only one.
His OP was "give me something to watch" plus a blog, it's definitely against the rules.

>Why cant /a/ have a sticky on the front page explaining this?

Not having one forces new users to lurk more before they can post.
If I had known that request threads were against the rules, I wouldn't have posted one.

At least you're all having fun calling me a faggot and shit.
Oh, we have fun calling you a faggot for being a newfag, it's an /a/ thing, it has nothing to do with breakign the rules, we just hate you.
I've trained my girlfriend to be madly in love with me regardless of what I do to her. I haven't seen her in like a month, except for that one time she brought me two cartons of cigarettes, and the other time I asked her to come over and tell me what the sticker the police put on my car said. She's not really a problem then, I guess.

There's no way I'll be happy, even with benzos.

I've never been on /a/ before, except for this one time. Probably gonna be my only time on /a/. Y'all are even bigger faggots than the ones on /b/. You don't even have a sticky. What the fuck? Get it together, guys.
>trained my girlfriend to be madly in love with me regardless of what I do to her
Wow, what a catch. You like romcoms to go with your flagrant emotional abuse, eh OP?
File: 1383177909103.jpg (13.31 KB, 217x232)
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13.31 KB JPG
Hey, she's happy, I have a 7/10 girlfriend, I'm probably about 3/4 of the way digging my way out of agoraphobia, I don't see what the problem is. lol
You need to fuck off right now.
keep believing that fag

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