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So, what exactly are the lives of Shirou, Rin, and Saber after the Unlimited Blade Works good end? I mean, the fact that Saber now requires constant menage-a-trois to sustain herself in the world is implied, but what's beyond that? What do they DO with their time?

And how's the sex?
>And how's the sex?
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Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

We don't need Fate threads anymore. We have reached the singularity.
What is that art style called?

I've seen it enough, but I can't put a name to it.
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This is as good of a place to ask as any. After finishing the f/s n visual novel and a few other type-moon things, I got fate/hollow ataraxia working and I'm a little spooked at the choice/save implementation. Is it like Fate where you'll probably die 50 times in a row before you can finish a route with the addition of having to skip back to the relevant choice or does it work totally differently?
You're supposed to keep dying and retrying. It's literally what happens in the story. Now you have me wanting to get back into FHA. I had to stop because a lot of it was still untranslated
So essentially you're forced to skip back all the way from the start? This is going to be fun.

Oh, do you mean that you die but that isn't the end of the story and you continue from there?
They may or may not go to Britain, personally I doubt it since Rin's magical energy is so low and bringing a Heroic Spirit and a Reality Marble user to the Mage's Association just seems like a great way to get dissected.
There's a timeloop going on and some of the characters can remember things from previous loops.
Thank you!

Sorry for the mental lapse, there.
Does Hollow Ataraxia have a different save system from the original?
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So you get into the 4-day or whatever time loop I've seen talked about here then die in the time loop and end up back at the beginning of the time loop?
Wait, wibbly wobbly timey wimey?
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Gil rage-quitting makes me giggle like nothing else TM has ever before.
>Dr. Tumblr
If saber has her body why would she need constant mana?
She's still a servant summoned from another time period only made possible by grail war ritual, so she needs a contract with a master and prana to stick around just like the other heroic spirits.
So she just disappears 10 years later when Waver takes out grail-kun.
Actually, the ritual only lasts a couple weeks so that part doesn't matter. While the mana cost goes up without the grail helping Rin just brute forces it with tons of mana. That's why she has constant threesomes with you and Saber for extra prana transfer
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People still self inserting into Shirou despite him being fucking crazy as usual I see
No I get the ritual ends and they need more mana to make up for it but isn't the grail what's anchoring her same as it did for Gil? With the greater grail destroyed she'd lose the anchor. It's a totally different situation than just being low on juice.
The grail is what made it possible to summon heroic spirits from the throne yes, but once a servant is already here then it's just a matter of supplying mana, at least I think so.
>but once a servant is already here then it's just a matter of supplying mana, at least I think so.

At least, that was the case with the end of Heaven's feel after Shirou blew up the greater grail. Saukra kept Rider around just with her own admittedly large mana supply
Servants are anchored to this world by their Masters, that's why other than Archers Servants need to be near their Masters at all times.
Yes and no
No in the way you can save normally while you are playing.
Yes in the way that the game handles a lot like Kagetsu Tohya in that you keep the flags after each play to unlock more of the story. It also doesn't need an impossible flowchart to get 100% completion.

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