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So I just watched this for the first time, thinking it would be like Watamote. While it wasn't at all, I did enjoy it. Then I read the manga and was surprised at how different it was

As I understand it, both are based on a novel. Which adaptation is more true to the novel?
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>thinking it would be like Watamote
Shit this is 7 years old already
Why is there so little porn? Did Japan hate this too?
The anime is closer to the novel but makes the tone much lighter.

The manga as a closer tone to the novel but it also continues on far after the point where the novel ends.
Neither is true to the novel exactly. The book is the core story. Both adaptations pad it out. The manga is grimdark and the anime is lolwacky
I still don't know whether I liked the anime or the manga more. Manga had better execution for the most part, but the anime's OST and atmosphere were perfect. Fuck. I'm going to rewatch a few episodes. Its been too long.
I felt that the manga was really crushingly depressing.
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>this entire arc
The manga really made Misaki unlikable.
But, on the other side I guess the anime played the guardian angel thing too straight.
This may be one of the few series where I was never felt a desire to fap to it.
I think if you can get over the fact that Misaki is totally unsympathetic and it's not MUH ORIGINAL then the manga really is the most interesting story.

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