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Monster Girls Generals

Learning Japanese Generals

Idolmaster Generals

Guess what all these 24/7 generals have in common? They're not anime or manga.
You can argue that there is a manga about monster girls or that idolmaster has an anime and manga but they do not ever discuss them one bit. It's nothing but imagedumps and fetishes.

It's practically spam at this point. Fucking hell moot created other boards to push this shit away.

Monster Girls generals are more suited for /d/

Idolmaster generals are more suited for /vg/ because it's goddamn general about VIDEOGAMES, /c/ for the constant imagedumps or even /jp/ which is a board that houses this otaku culture.

Learning japanese should fuck off to /int/ or /jp/

Why are these threads allowed to fester on a board for japanese animation and manga?

This is homestuck level autism here.
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Go to feedback or e-mail moot but I doubt he'll care
Cant agree more, but rather than bitch about it, i just click that handy-dandy "hide thread" button to filter the autism
Just filter them, you dumbfuck.
Bitching general? Bitching general.
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It might be easier if we did have one of those so that they could stop shitting up the rest of the board with thread upon thread about dumb whiny shit. Of course thats what /q/ was supposed to be and we all remember how that went. So maybe its a good thing I dunno.
The Japanese language threads are not that bad.
None of it really bothers me, but I do think the Learning Japanese probably should be on /jp/. The other two are fine here.

>It's nothing but imagedumps
This is an imageboard.

If it bugs you:
I've lurked at least 20.

I haven't seen anything bad at all.
This also isn't anime or manga.

Stop being a fucking hypocrite.
They have more to do with anime than your shitty thread.
Fuck off /q/ your board sucked and now no one likes you.
the monster girls threads really overstayed their welcome
They're all related to anime/manga.

Just because your favorite anime happens to be something that gets saged+shitposted to death doesn't mean you can start calling out the generals.

Idolm@ster alone has so much stuff outside of the video game.
>idolmaster has an anime and manga but they do not ever discuss them one bit.
Manga discussion is commonplace.
And really, no thread on /a/ is 100% about the show itself.
Want an example? DxD threads are filled with X is best girl, Y is a miracle, and Asia is a cockblocking bitch with plot discussion mixed in.
Now fuck off and kill yourself.
>Learning Japanese probably should be on /jp/
Yeah, fat fucking chance of that happening. /jp/ is /b/ with anime peripherals, they haven't given a shit about Japan or Japanese culture since it was first made.
You'd have better chance on /int/, though I doubt that'd work either.
Actually /into/ has a daily Japanese thread and its like 10 times better than the /a/ thread.
If I remember right, the Japanese and Idolmaster Generals are mod approved.

The monster girl ones needs to go though.
Can moot just merge /c/ into /a/

This monster girl shit is a cancer. a cancer that is not anime either.

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