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More Japanese cutting out the middleman with dating sims and sex toys

"Sex is just way too much trouble," a 35-year-old man tells Shukan Asahi (3/7), confessing that ever since he used a masturbation aid at age 19 he's never wanted to be with a woman again. "As long as I have a sex toy available, I don't need women. I can't come when I have sex, and you've got to put a lot of emotion into dealing with women. Self-pleasure is a hell of lot less demanding than trying to please somebody else."

Young Japanese are becoming mixed up about sex. Just a few years ago, people worried that the young were developing a practical enjoyment of sex at too early an age, now they're getting steamed up because growing numbers of youths are showing little or no interest in the subject.


Perhaps that has inspired the massive popularity of "otome" games, role-playing dating simulation games for women where the object is to win the heart of the computer-generated man they desire. Otome games occupied seven of the top 20 best-selling computer software game titles in Japan last year.

"Otome games are more than enough when it comes to love," one 21-year-old woman says. "I've already decided I'm never going to have sex in my life. I do like watching dirty stuff, though. I've studied adult movies and erotica, so I know about the kind of sex that pleases guys."

Nothing new.
Were you looking for /jp/?
i didn't know about "otome games", but yes, to /jp/ with you
In Japan it's not unusual to meet 20-something women who have never had a boyfriend, and aren't even thinking of dating.

The big thing for Valentine's Day this year was girls/women giving Valentines chocolates to other girls/women. (Traditionally, females have given chocolates to males on Valentines Day. Males are supposed to reciprocate on "White Day", March 14).

If a 20-something male wants sex in Japan, he'll probably have to pay for it (and he can choose from all sorts of escort services/"health" clubs/bathhouses or pick out a love hotel ang arrange through a "fuzoku" company for a girl to meet him there). It's also not unusual to see provocatively dressed women in the evening/nigt trains busily checking their cell phones to see who and where their next customer is.

Naturally, he knows the /jp/.

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