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I feel like we haven't had a MAL thread in ages, so...MAL thread!

Post yours rate others, and so on. Oh, and feel free to post your superior AniList or Hummingbird instead.
> ads
I would post Thunderbyrdz, but that's a bannable offense now.
I really should go through and fix my ratings, but I have a backlog to deal with first...also I'm lazy and changing ratings will take a short while.

>4chan thinks your post is spam

Swear to God, moot...

Link won't post, but I'm AniList user 328.
>not using aniDB
File: make the pain stop.gif (63.58 KB, 360x357)
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Eh.. Its all the same shit. Unless someone is being a retard and using these sites to be social. Then pick your poison
File: 1316843602681.jpg (16.32 KB, 495x97)
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I've known about MAL for a while now but never made one. Or maybe i do have one but i don't care for it like i do my facebook, dannychoo, ANN, SanCom, etc etc accounts. /a/ is all i need. But this is the seond time i read someone mention Hummingbird. Wtf is Hummingbird?
Poorly done alternative to MAL.

Honestly, the UI is nice, but I'd go for AniList since it's nicer. MAL is the way to go, though - it's ugly, but it works worlds better than anything else.
If i have time away from my backlog, i'll lurk on all these places later.
Sure, I wonder if this thread is going to be shit.
is this like the last.fm of /a/?
how about some sharethreads eh?
File: 1374701991779.jpg (23.36 KB, 250x250)
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>Dropping Super Sonico
>Dropping ImoCho
Sonico just didn't hold my interest, but ImoCho is censored to hell. Might as well wait for the BDs.
aniDB is vastly better than MAL
>black guy as picture
Did you reference that black guy who made a video about hentai and kept pronouncing it as hentey?
As if 2D pussy all look different.

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