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I know you guys hate the show and the fanbase, but can you at least admit the manga is superior?
It's good for the pretty art, but the plot isn't that deep and the characters seem to be too perfect and pretty or tragic.
>It's good for the pretty art

except for half of the time when it looks like shit because the author got lazy
I never noticed it looking like shit
It never really degrades to absolute garbage but the quality definitely slips sometimes.
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I am willing to watch the upcoming movie in order to see Tendou play an evil butler.
I didn't think the people who liked it on /a/ were obnoxious. They hardly post about it at all.
i like that it's a trap, its pretty cakes and bishoun hiding monsters, and cruelty. it goes a little heavy in the yaoi baiting but it makes up for it in vulgarity. alpha-ciel is bet ciel, he acts like a little flower and is weak as fuck, but give him a sword and gun and he will armchair general is forces and laugh at your tears.

long story short, long live the queen.

also proves what most commonwealth already knew. before there was churchill there was goddamn Victoria. the OG badass brit
Whatever happened to the Beck movie he was supposed to do with the guy from Den-O. Was that any good?
I liked it. The fanbase outside /a/ at least scares the fuck out of me.
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The writing is shit. The art is beautiful and the side characters are great.
Manga is decent.

Anime has even more yaoi bait.
That face he put on when she touch his wang was glorious
The anime has a nice soundtrack
I think that is what made me hide the fact that I enjoyed Black Butler manga wise
>Ciel with gun and sword badass

I think the badass award for gum and sword play goes to Lizzy
it's basically past season 5 of spn fans of /a/.

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