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Sup /a/, anyone know of some good anime with some half decent fighting in it. I watched Kenichi and it wasnt that great, but it kinda what i'm looking for. If you have any better that great! thanks in advanced.
Pic unrelated
Troll, but I'll go with...

I choose you: Hajime no Ippo!

Try Karas.
Way to miss the point. The fact that he began his thread with anything GL related while asking for advice is the reason to expect trolling, since it invites GLfags, which in turn invite makotofags, which in turn invite everything ungodly in /a/.

Also, I did answer his question.
OP here
Already Saw it. Pretty good, wish it was longer though.

Yo dawg so check out man what are you doin up there? It didn't seem to me like you were all there you know, a lil pitchy problems here in there I dunno, how you feel about this fail?
if you want more TTGL kind of shit just watch Go Nagai series. otherwise a lot of shounen actually do have good fights, especially if you don't care about the plots. even naruto has shit that was directly traced off of bruce lee movies (yes this is a good thing) there are fights that match up frame by frame with the cowboy bebop movie.

oh btw cowboy bebop movie has awesome fights.

ya know what just watch movies for good fights.
If you want good fighting, you need to read manga.

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