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I remember watching Gundam Wing and SEED on Toonami back in the day, and I really want to get back into Gundam. However, I realize that many of the series are cliched and suck. Can /a/ help me figure out the objectively best Gundam series--OVAs included--so I can watch it?
>objectively best Gundam series
Are you an idiot?
>I've never watched a gundam series outside Wing and SSEED
>I realized Many of the series are cliched and suck

Are you braindead or something?
You have to watch them all. Sorry, it's the only way. Sometimes life is difficult like that.

Best one that gets Gundam's theme?

0080: War in the Pocket.
0080 is objectively the best Gundam.
Super robot fighting peasant robots isn't appealing.
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here you go OP
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>anything other than G Gundam
Shit tastes.
Zeta Gundam is one of the greast animus out there, period.

If I was going to list of the best ones, I would say Zeta, Original, 8th MS Team, and War in the Pocket.

I'm heavily biased towards UC, though. Most alternate timeline (Wing, Seed) are just cheap rips.

tl;dr - as far as im concerned, you dont know what gundam even is.

If only the little kid wasn't so fucking annoying.
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>However, I realize that many of the series are cliched and suck.
>I remember watching Gundam Wing and SEED.
You high or something?
>Zeta Gundam is one of the greast animus out there, period.
Is this what Zetafags really believe?
Why the fuck do you even bother watching anime?
Don't you have some critically acclaimed award winning arthouse trash to watch?
Well to me, MSG had the potential to be one of the greatest, but squandered it with poor animation, pacing issues, and Amura kind of being a brooding prick half the series.

Zeta fixed those problems, had excellent production values, and let us see a different side of Amuro and Char. If you do not agree that it's one of the best, you at least have to admit it's influence.

captcha: boppin much
But he is just an autistic child.
To me, Zeta had worse pacing than the original MSG and the majority of its cast was insufferable.
Also, while I can excuse 0079's poor dialogue due to its age, it's inexcusable that Zeta's writing is so awkward.
Finally, I'm not sure if I'd call Zeta significantly influential, especially compared to the original.
Isn't Kamille a girl's name?
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>the ending to Victory Gundam

Seriously. Why Tomino. Why.

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