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Can explain to me the hype for this anime? I tried watching it last night but I couldn't get past the third episode because of how bored it was. And it's not because I don't understand the point of Slice-of-Life animes because I enjoy them, but I found it nearly impossible to sit through this.
>because of how bored it was
If an anime is bored with your company, maybe you should be less boring.
I definitely meant boring. I'm half typing and half studying so please forgive me
give it some time and you will never love anything more
What hype even? If you find it boring don't watch it.

The show managed to keep a smile on my face the vast majority of the time I was watching it. But if you don't enjoy watching the characters it's not going to get any better.
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watching cute pseudo lesbians girls do cute pseudo lesbian things is oddly entertaining.
File: 1378503955352.gif (81.63 KB, 480x270)
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What if they're not-so-pseudo lesbians?
You put the subject in your name field, OP.
That said, with Slice of Life I usually treat them like normal TV shows. Put it on the TV and just do your own thing.

Of course, this is probably harder for people who have to read the subs.
I agree, I watched 6 episodes and just got bored. I didn't really see the appeal. It's not like I haven't watched SoL before either. The lesbian jokes got pretty old after awhile.

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