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‘Sup, /a/?
Got a question for all you Kaiji-faithful.

Here’s my question: I feel I should already know this, but it’s failed to come up at all in discussion. What is the relationship between the Akagi and Kaiji animes? Is there anything related between the two as far as story? Or is it simply the same director and art-team? I’ve done my best to avoid Kaiji-threads due to spoilers, so I’m sad to say I don’t know at this point.

Secondly, related to the question above: If I haven’t finished Akagi, is it alright to go ahead and start watching Kaiji?
I watched Akagi through episode 7, but somewhat dropped it due to personally feeling it had been made less about Akagi’s psychological assaults on his opponents, and more about Mah-Jongg: the exact opposite of what I was told the Akagi anime was.

So what’s the statement, /a/? Can/should I go ahead and try out Kaiji? Or is this a bad idea for any of a possible number of reasons?
Thanks in advance, /a/.
Akagi and Kaiji are by the same dude, they are not related.

Just watch Kaiji, its about rock paper scissors mindgames not mah-jongg.
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Akagi and Kaiji are unrelated story-wise and quite different from each other.
kaiji and akagi are like Tsukihime and fate take place in the same world but have next to nothing to do with eachother.
Which one's which?
Kaiji is Akagi's nephew.
Akagi = Tsukihime
Kaiji = Fate/Stay Night
In b4 30-response discussion.
Doesn't matter which one you watch. Hell, I'm watching both of them at the same time right now, and it's not making much of a difference to me.

No shit a series called "Mahjong Legend Akagi" is going to be based heavily on mahjong. You shouldn't let that deter you from finishing the series, though. Even if you know shit about mahjong, it's still really enjoyable. Knowing a little bit about the game enhances the experience, but isn't necessary.

If you don't like Akagi because of how mahjong-centric it is, Kaiji would be a good alternative. It's a lot less esoteric, and the games Kaiji plays are pretty generic, basic games, which makes it that much more fun/stupid to yell how GAR Kaiji is for winning rock-paper-scissors or someshit.
Accurate. Akagi involves less outright action and more mindfuck. It's also less popular in Japan.

Kaiji is more popular, more about the action and still has a bit of mindfuck.
both are gey and both sucks seriously go find nicer animu
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>the same world
That would be.. the earth?

The only thing I really see that they have in common is the story (debt, gamble, mindgame), and the character design.
Anyway watch Kaiji first, all you have to know is that paper beats rock, unlike Akagi where they will throw new mahjong terms at you in every episode.
Those basic games can turn into real mind battles if done right.

And Kaiji does it right. Seriously we all have the same thoughts while playing a simple game of RPS.
"We just tied again, is he going to use rock again or is he going to switch it up and use scissors? Or is he going to use paper thinking that I'm going to use rock again?"

So I personally think that Kaiji has more mindfuck than Akagi.
Throws new terms?
Not if you know how to play Mahjong. Akagi isn't aimed at fat white kids who want to learn Japanese.
File: Spoiler Image (74 KB, 806x632)
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Watch it, faggot.
It's rather obvious that if you know how to play mahjong t wont be any new terms.
I don't mean stuff like ron and pon, those are easy (and needed) to get, but the way every hand have a name makes it rather confusing. In Akagi he'll win with "Tong, chun. dealer 40-fu, 2 han", even if I read the notes I really have no idea what they are talking about, or what tiles that are needed for him to win. In Kaiji he uses "paper" to win.

All I'm saying is that if you know how to play mahjong, good for you then you most likely will enjoy Akagi more than one who doesn't. Kaiji on the other hand is much easier to understand.
>>but have next to nothing to do with eachother.

written by the same person take place in the same japan a few decades apart from one another.
Akagi takes place thirty years before Kaiji
The whole point is that there are a hell of a lot more people in Japan who know how to play Mahjong than in the US.
I watched akagi and I still have no idea how to play mahjong
Certainly everything you said there is true, but generally they explain things clearly enough that you don't really need to know specific rules. I mean, you think /a/ knew how to play mahjong when we first watched the show? Towards the end a character is waiting for one specific tile for a long time, and they tell you what it is so you don't have to figure it out... it's all spelled out pretty clearly and repeated a lot.

Plus, after you watch it once you can read up on mahjong and then watch it again :D

But if you've already seen Kaiji, you're probably spoiled and your standards are now too high for Akagi. It's a shame, really - watching Akagi first works awesomely.
File: 1204853963376.jpg (4 KB, 110x127)
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I don't live in the US, but I doubt many people in Sweden know how to play mahjon either.

I watched Akagi while I was waiting for newer episodes for Kaiji, I most likely never would have picked up Akagi if it wasn't for Kaiji and I think alot of people did the same thing.
Not knowing what's actually going on unless you have it spelled out for you in a note kind of ruins the fun, at least for me. There's alot of hands at the beginning of the game where they will comment on it, "this is a good/bad hand", "he can go for this hand", "the opponent might be waiting for this tile for that hand". There's no notes for these and to be honest, I think notes wouldn't help that much and it would just be too much.
Not knowing mahjong spoils the fun a bit, but it's still an enjoyable show, and thanks to the notes you will have no problem to get the basics.

Anyway.... tl;dr: I like both.
>I most likely never would have picked up Akagi if it wasn't for Kaiji and I think alot of people did the same thing.

At least this newfag is tolerable.
yeah... when it comes down to it, there's no way I can make the argument that Akagi is easier to get into than Kaiji. I have a friend that likes mind-game stuff so I wanted to introduce him to these shows and I started him on Kaiji, so whatever.

Kaiji is just amazing though, every damn episode. I can't believe how they can make an episode end on some crazy blue-balls cliffhanger, only to have the next episode completely resolve that conflict and end on a cliffhanger that's TEN times as worse. oh god where's 23

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