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This episode should go done as one of the worst episodes of any anime ever.

I'd be hard pressed to point out a single episode of another anime with worse writing, pacing and direction.
I don't know about the writing, but I agree that the pacing is awful. Virtually nothing happened this episode.
I liked it.

Its perfectly replicating the manga experience.

PS: It gets "worse".
Just like the manga chapters it covered
It was a great adaptation.
Why is it replicating the manga exactly a good thing? Slow pacing works in a manga because you can read it at whatever pace you like. When things are in literal slow motion as an anime, it's nowhere near as tense or entertaining.
>Slow pacing works in a manga because you can read it at whatever pace you like

I have to disagree 100%. At least I know i'm getting another episode next week. This was not a privilege awarded to manga readers.

> it's nowhere near as tense or entertaining

I find it extremely entertaining. The episodes always seem to be too short anyway, i've felt that way since the Exam arc, although that might be because I like HxH that much. I also enjoy how the battle is being shown from so many different directions.

Now you know why people are so divided on the CA arc.
>animefags expecting muh fightan

this isn't one piece
>This episode should go down as one that determines whether the viewer has ADHD or not
I've read the manga.

I expected it to be competently directed.
>not enjoying literally no events occuring is equivalent to having ADHD
This isn't even slow pacing, it's like they're filling for time. Right down to repeating Killua running down the hallway when the second part started. That went on for too long. Welfen's thought process was explained in far too much detail, when it could have been done in just a few seconds. Pouf's too.
>Pouf's too.

Fuck you, Pouf's part was great. I admit, doubling up on the killua part was questionable but that segment with Pouf was pure gold.
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