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‘Sup, /a/?
Got a question for all you Kaiji-faithful.

Here’s my question: I feel I should already know this, but it’s failed to come up at all in discussion. What is the relationship between Akagi and Kaiji animes? Is there anything related between the two as far as story? Or is it simply the same director and art-team? I’ve done my best to avoid Kaiji-threads due to spoilers, so I’m sad to say I don’t know at this point.

Secondly, related to the question above: If I haven’t finished Akagi, is it alright to go ahead and start watching Kaiji?
I watched Akagi through episode 7, but somewhat dropped it due to personally feeling it had been made less about Akagi’s psychological assaults on his opponents, and more about Mah-Jongg: the exact opposite of what I was told the Akagi anime was.

So what’s the statement, /a/? Can/should I go ahead and try out Kaiji? Or is this a bad idea for any of a possible number of reasons?
Thanks in advance, /a/.

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