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Day 42
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Chapter 210

"Bean Throwing Gonnoshin" (豆まきごんのしん mamemaki gonnoshin) is a pun on the fantasy novel "Watering Gonnoshin" (水まきごんのしん mizumaki gonnoshin) by Ariko Wada(?) (和田安里子)

First appeared in Shonen Magazine on January 27, 2010.
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The holiday of Setsubun (Feb. 3), is accompanied by the act of mamemaki, or throwing beans to expel bad spirits from the household. Traditionally, this is done with soybeans, but some parts of the country use shelled peanuts instead. One prefecture that commonly uses peanuts for mamemaki is Ishikawa Prefecture, which coincidentally (or not) is where Ryouko Shintani (Nami's seiyuu) is from.
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>Bean Trivia

Little tidbits of trivia are known as “bean knowledge” (豆知識 mamechishiki) in Japan.
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>Backgrounds (Panel 1)

The Founder
The Main Family - Great Knowledge - Decision
Variety Knowledge-sama
A pun on the quiz-show “Variety Knowledge King” (雑学王 zatsugaku ou)
Bean Knowledge Lecture
A reference to a program that appears on several JR trains in Tokyo, "60 seconds of variety knowledge”.
The buried gold lies in Gunma!
Towards the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, supporters of the regime began moving gold into abandoned mines around Gunma Prefecture (a Tokugawa stronghold) to prevent it from being used by the Meiji Reformists. While most of this gold was eventually recovered, there are still legends of large caches located throughout the prefecture.
Grumbling Kid
つぶつこ (butsubutsu ko), a pun on "Grain Kid" (こつぶっこ kotsubukko), a real sweets brand
In French, it's called Mamelon!
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>Zetsubou Sensei Bean Trivia!

>Filler (Panel 2)
Nozomu refers to the preceding panel as "filler for not having a chapter last week". The week before this chapter was published, no chapter of SZS appeared, and there was a note in the index of Shonen Magazine announcing that Kumeta had gone to America to gather material.
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>Hippo Sweat

They do appear to sweat a red substance, but it's actually a mucus.

>Mori Ougai

Mori Ougai was a doctor turned novelist who wrote during the early 20th century. Mori enlisted in the Imperial Army after getting a medical degree at Tokyo University, after which he was sent to Germany (the busiest center of medical studies at the time), where he studied under Max von Pettenkofer. Mori's grandson, Max, was named after von Pettenkofer. In kanji, "Max" is written 真章 ( makusu).


Refers to a cat from the long-running manga/anime franchise Sazae-san. While in the comics, Wakame (Sazae's little sister) once had a cad named Mii, she later picked up Tama and raised it. Tama and Mii are not the same cat.

>Lucky Direction (Panel 6)

Another part of the Setsubun holiday is eating Eho-maki, while facing in a "lucky direction", determined by the zodiac symbol of the year. In 2010, the lucky direction was West-South-West.
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>Backgrounds (Panel 1)

Magic bean from the Dragonball series.
Reference to the story "Jack and the Beanstalk".
>Ukulele class Watanabe
Taken from a commercial for a snack called “Jack”, which contains peas. Peas are called "pea beans" (エンドウ豆 endoumame) in Japanese.
>It's nothing, Shop Azuki
A line from the opening theme of the anime Azuki-chan. "Azuki" also is the name of a strain of red beans.
A reference to the "Sa Shi Su Se So" of Japanese cooking - the most common ingredients found in Japanese cuisine. Sa is sugar (砂糖 satou), Shi is Salt (塩 shio), Su is Vinegar (酢 su), Se is soy sauce (醤油 shouyu, originally spelled せあうゆ seauyu in Hiragana) and So is Miso (味噌). On SZBH, Kamiya and Shintani couldn't remember what the “So” was, so they came up with weird stuff like Soy (spelled in english) and Sausages (ソーセージ sooseeji).
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>Ai Kaga Bean Trivia!

>Sometimes she doesn't have a mole!
Kumeta forgets to draw it on occasion.
>Aluminum can
Reads "Gomen Yo", a reference to old cans produced by Suntory, which had "Gomen Ne" written on the bottom.
>Email address
Ai's email address, watashiga-waruindesu@dacamo.ne.jp, comes from the phrase "Watashi ga waruin desu", meaning "I'm the one at fault". Dacamo is a pun on the Japanese ISP/portal Docomo.
>Mobile Phone Number
090-510 is a normal beginning of an NTT Docomo Number. '510' can also be read as "go-too", a reference to Ai's seiyuu, Saori Gotou.
>52 individual t-shirts with crabs and others
She received them as a gift from Kino in Chapter 99.
>Debit card
Ai's debit card comes from the Mitsuwi Sumitomo Bank (三ゐ済友銀行), a pun on the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (三井住友銀行).
>Family crest
Ai's family crest is derived from the Kaga Umebachi Crest.
>There are many cases in which she gets wet and stays calm
For some reason, Ai usually gets caught in the rain.
>Her left breast is larger
This is actually the case for most women.
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I won't stick around, but you're doing god's work and I'm sorry for calling all tripfriends faggots and useless scum.

>tfw no season 4
>tfw no Suimasen scanlations of some later chapters
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>Pigeon Bus

A sight gag based on an actual company “Hato Bus” (translates to Pigeon Bus)
File: 09.png (236.75 KB, 1080x1600)
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236.75 KB PNG
Comes from a shortbread brand called "Hato", which is shaped like a pigeon.
>Specialized in moving
The motto of a company named “The Moving Center with the Pigeon Mark”
"Hato" would sound like the Japanese pronouciation of "heart", making this a pun on the eroge Heartwork.
Freedom for Pigeons
One of the pigeons is carrying a book called "Complete Pigeon Collection", a pun on educational books for children published by Popura-sha.


I'm sure this will be the year and I'm sure Suimasen will find a translator or clearer and finish the missing chapters!
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>Pigeon Clock

In Japan, cuckoo clocks are referred to as pigeon clocks.

>Tomimi.com (Panel 5)

A pun on hatomimi.com, a website set up by the Japanese government so people could complain about public offices.

>Pigeons taking over government

A reference to Yukio Hatoyama, then prime minister of Japan. Hatoyama's family name literally means "Pigeon Mountain".
File: 11.png (177.95 KB, 1080x1600)
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177.95 KB PNG
>Home of Friendship (Panel 1)

A reference to Hatoyama's Friendship Policy.


Another Setsubun tradition is to eat a bean for every year you've been alive, to ensure continued good health.

>Give us good wisdom!

Nozomu uses a pretty old fashioned term for "good", yoki (良き) instead of the more modern yoi (良い).

>Welsh Onions

Apparently, they do keep better if you stand them upright!


"looking like a pigeon that's eaten a bean-shooter" is a Japanese phrase meaning "an astonished look". Bean-shooters look like this.
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116.07 KB PNG
File: 13.png (102.54 KB, 1080x1600)
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>Sign (Panel 1)

The sign reads "Loopy", a term that an American journalist used to describe Hatoyama
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Chapter 211

"The Normal Man Who Knew Too Much" (知りすぎて普通の男 shiri sugite futsu no otoko) is a pun on Alfred Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (知りすぎた男 shiri sugita otoko)

First published February 2, 2010.
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File: Good luck with that.png (179.74 KB, 371x387)
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Oh yeah, I'm sure someone would want to translate a completed work by Kuemta of all people.
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File: 04.png (282.04 KB, 1080x1600)
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Trust me was written as トラスト・ミー (torasuto mii). The suggested corrections are "Trouble" (トラブル toraburu), "Illegal Loan" (といち toichi), and "Escape" ( とんずら tonzura). Torijin is the name of a Manzai Combo.
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>You're jealous of an author whose books sell well, but if it's someone like Oda Eiichirou, you don't care.

For those of you who don't know, Oda is the creator of One Piece. Sales of One Piece far outpace almost every other manga.
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File: 1339618879830.png (347.59 KB, 625x2703)
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>no season 4
It will happen ;_;
File: 07.png (239.87 KB, 1080x1600)
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Missed a page

>You're jealous of an author whose books sell well, but if it's someone like Oda Eiichirou, you don't care.
For those of you who don't know, Oda is the creator of One Piece. Sales of One Piece far outpace almost every other manga.
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201.76 KB PNG
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Chapter 212
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

As it says on the cover, my manga is going to be made into a TV anime. You might be wondering why I don't sound excited... but I must say that's partially everybody's fault. When I first got the news, I was so happy that I went out to buy a celebratory chocolate cake. I really wanted to tell everybody, but it wasn't official yet, so I just made a vague reference to it in volume 7. Nobody believed me. Not only did they not believe me, I got a postcard: "It's so humble of you to plug your apprentice's new anime." What the f**k? I don't even have an apprentice. And if I did, I would feel nothing but bitter envy toward him. I would say things like "Hope it turns into a big piece of crap!" or "Hope you marry a crazy voiceover actress!" I really wondered why my reader would say that, and suddenly I frealed out and started thinking is it happening again? Of course it is. Somebody who likes my manga enough to buy a tankobon of it would never lie to me. What was O thinking? My manga is never gonna be made into an anime! My doubt soon turned into conviction, and here I am. The more I think about it, the more impossible it seems. Some rich guy out there probably set this whole thing up just to make fun of me. That would explain the was the staff's been treating me. They say the anime will be airing on channel U, which makes me think they must've found out that I don't get channel U at home. But the person behind this scam made one mistake. I get MX! I'm gonna watch it on MX! They'll probably end up going with an anime based on some manga published by comic Yoshimoto. They can't fool me. If by some odd chance my anime does come on, I'm gonna sing this song.
Anime is just a lie, anime does not exist, I was just seeing things, It's all an illusion. ♪
But there is a part of me... A little part of me... That wants to see it! ♪ Anime is just a lie, anime does not exist. ♪
Chapter 106
Doesnt this qualify as QUALITY?

Looks like it's a he with the ballsack pressed up against his body.
Thank you all that read.

I Began a Naughty Business (1/2)

Since it looks like you're all thinking of something different, let me explain. Normally, when you sell goods and stuff, the people who want to buy them buy them, and there's no problem.
I'm not trying to defend Hata-kun, but a naughty business is when you change the CD jacket version and make people buy several copies of the same cd, or add different features to the same comic volume at different stores and make people buy several versions of it, or make people buy boxes of glasses in the name of trading... Basically, when you force fans to buy several copies of the same thing.
Individually, I don't think it's a problem to sell anything for any price.
Actually, those kinds of things are "tame" naughty businesses. Compared to the black business I'm trying to start, they're like elementary schools kids who try to act tough but are still sucking on their mothers' titties.
I should be frank: all of you have already fallen prey to my black business.
Those of you who have volume 1...
Isn't it kind of worn out by now?
I bet the color has kind of faded, and it's gotten frayed by now, hasn't it?
That's just what happens with washi (Japanese traditional paper)... Since it's so high quality.
Dear customer, isn't it about time you replaced it?
Have a second copy.
There are no special features... It's the exact same thing.
Remember, if it gets too damaged, you won't even be able to sell it to "Book Off."
"What, it's damaged?!" "No it isn't... that's the way it was designed!"
I say you should just bite the bullet and buy a second copy. Oh, and please stop laminating the covers, just because they're washi. It's so low-class.
If this isn't a black business, what is??
I imagine this could even become the business model for the manga industry in the future. As I ready myself for an interview from world business satellite, I took the old volume 1 off my shelf.
I imagined that it would be hard to look at, but in fact it has more flavor than a new volume. It's slightly worn and faded, and quite beautiful.
No matter how much ink the printers procured, they wouldn't have been able to achieve the final processing for the cover... Time!
In fact, this is exactly what I intended when I originally drew the image for the cover...
I apologize.
I should never have tried tried to perpetrate a dishonet business.
In fact, I realized that all my Zetsubou Sensei volumes have achieved perfection having been on the shelf for three years.
"Sommelier, I wonder, do you have a 2005 Zetsubou Sensei?"
"...? I don't believe we have that in our cellar. Instead, how about a 2004... Negima? It's a perfect ripeness."
"In that case, I'll take it..."
File: 6806143.jpg (346.03 KB, 600x800)
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Thanks for the dumps
File: 138463139433.png (388.43 KB, 1024x576)
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388.43 KB PNG
>I would say things like "Hope it turns into a big piece of crap!" or "Hope you marry a crazy voiceover actress!"

These posts make my day.

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