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So I want to start reading the Fate/stay night Visual Novel but the copy I downloaded keeps crashing when Rin first sees Saber. Anyways, I was wondering if you guys knew where to find a good place to get it, or a place to read it online.
Shirou is the red man
>keeps crashing when Rin first sees Saber

That's where the OP is supposed to play. Go into the game folder and delete video.xp3 (or rename it, or move it somewhere else, etc.) and you'll probably be able to get past there. You can just watch the OP on youtube.
Rin and Sakura are sisters.

Just did the VN over the holiday, its a wild ride.

Type 'fuwa fate stay night' into google and you'll get there /a/non. Fuwa is supposedly run by an /a/sshole but its the only good copy patched up to RN9 with good seeds.
Lelouch dies
Pick one.

Their Tsukihime release had | instead of -, and their F/SN release crashed on startup. Shit's awful

OP, I spent 3 days looking for a working torrent. Google "iso hunt Fate Stay Night English".

>Type iso hunt f/sn
>Top 3 isohunt fsn torrents have Fuwanovel right in the name

That said, in your quest to shitpost as hard as possible you informed me that isohunt is back up, thanks for being a prick.
File: working torrent.jpg (26.46 KB, 579x21)
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>Top 3 are Fuwanovel
Well shit
This is what worked for me

Y-you're welcome, I guess
Giving it a shot. I'm trusting you /a/non-kun.
Tried that, it just flickered and then restarted at the title screen.
If it crashes because of a sound error, you can just hold ctrl to skip the dialog.
Try downloading it raw and patching it yourself

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