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So I've been wondering, what does /a/ think about DBZ?
It's shit.

Dragon Ball was pretty good though.
What went wrong?
Why is she so perfect?
Who X here?
Would you a X?
Everyday until X
Daily Reminder
You will never mumble mumble
Mumble mumble Prove me wrong - You can't
You have X seconds to mumble mumble - You can't
What does X's Y smell like?
How do we fix X?
X a Y
Which X would you Y?
/a/ suddenly hates x
Why is X the only studio willing to take risks?
About to watch X what should I expect?
Don't mind me, I'm just posting mumble mumble.
There are people on /a/ right now who mumble mumble
What the fuck happened?
Mumble mumble when?
What's wrong with VLC?
Wake up, see this. What do?
I'll just leave this here
What's your excuse for not watching X
X will save anime / I'm here to save anime
>What does /a/ think about X?
What's the most boring anime you've ever watched?
X is Love
Is X worth watching?
I had so high hopes for this series, but it just gets worse and worse with every new episode.
yfw x wins da y
Mumble mumble thread? Mumble mumble thread
What the fuck did I just watch?
X confirmed for Y
Why do you still watch moeshit?
She sees your dick
We want the X audience
Which anime has the worst fanbase?
Your waifu's face when X
It's time.
Your waifu is now X, do you still love her?
Was it rape, /a/?
Weekend waifu drawthread
All your waifus are wonderful, /a/
You should be able to solve this
Let's get a X thread going
Do X if your waifu is posted
ITT: overrated shit
What an utterly useless power
Date-a-live? More like date a slut am I right?

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