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Now I don't know Japanese or anything, but I feel like there were quite a few translation liberties taken with this episode. Correct me if I'm wrong Daiz.
>Now I don't know Japanese or anything, but I feel like there were quite a few translation liberties taken with this episode.
Thanks for being /a/, /a/.
Why would Daiz correct you on this? He's Finnish not Japanese, they might both look Asian but you'd be wrong to think there are any more similarities then that.
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You don't say.
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Watch out for Taneli Daiz Vatanen
The public enemy of fansubbing #1
He is the main responsible for...
☑ Crunchyroll
☑ MX Media dropping honorifics
☑ HorribleSubs
☑ Leaking OreImo from ANN
☑ Making ElitistFags quit
☑ Killing fansubbing in2010,2011,2012 and 2013
☑ Hostile takeover of Commie
☑ The development of the .H264 10-bit profile
☑ Attempted assassination of Coalgirls and Sakura!Fish
☑ Successful assassination of ZeroYuki, Grumpy Jii-san, and Ken-sama
☑ Successful assassination of Steve Jobs because Mac computers could not play 10-bit
☑ Successful assassination of the authors of ‘Kaze no Stigma’, ‘MM!’, and 'Zero no Tsukaima'
☑ Shutting down the NyaaTorrents tracker
☑ Humiliating Mitsuhiro Ichiki
☑ Telling Matsuda not to following Light's instructions not only in the Beijing Olympics but also London.
☑ Shutting down lolipower.org
☑ Shutting down megaupload.com
☑ Removing loli and rape from TVTropes
☑ Ruining a Q&A session with Hadena's Head of Public Relations
☑ Suggesting Rotoscoping for Aku no Hana
☑ Introducing Miura to iDOLM@STER, and constantly distracting Yoshihiro Togashi
☑ The development of the future .H265 10-bit profile
☑ Preventing KyoAni from adapting the continuation of FMP
☑ “That”
☑ Extreme homophobia
☑ Pushing to ban lolis in Japan
☑ Hindering intergalactic relations
☑ Holding subs hostage and forcing people to use Commie.
☑ Allowing Naruto threads on /a/.
☑ Forcing Subdesu-H to hardsub and watermark hentai.
☑ Imposing an anime embargo on Australia
☑ Monopolizing Norio Wakamoto's signatures at Desucon Finland
☑ Suggesting Rotoscoping for Aku no Hana
☑ Convincing Anno to drop 2.0 subplots in favor of action to show off 10bit compression
☑ Sabotaging official encoders' efforts in order to make hobbyists look good
☑Infinite Stratos 2
His ultimate goal is to kill anime.
However, you can stop him. Spread this list!
Is this really the right thread to summon Daiz in?
>being an authority on japanese

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