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So /a/ was she an alien or not?

I think she was what she said she was at first or least abducted during the 2 year period.
Or was this just 2deep4me?
did I miss a plot point or was it the point to draw my own conclusion?
If I remember correctly, she was just chuuni
I thought so too but then
>ESPer alien girl was legit at the end
>her unexplained disappearance and reappearance in the ocean
Its implied that she ran away and may have been raped.
But almost every anon here wants it to be false.
same with me.
She was not a alien
she looked up to aliens to give her self something to live for.
Don't listen to this retard.

Elliott was an alien (has same sparkling white hair as Maria/Index)
Elliott impregnated aunt and then left
Erio is half alien (sparkling hair but blue), she probably has latent alien powers

She went to alien land and then got mind wiped when she came back
didn't matter, was all about discovering girls in puberty
Meme just had a thing for gaijin dick. Not necessarily a bad thing for us. Elliot was probably just on exchange or something and did the ol' pump and dump.
just expand on that, her trip to alien land might explain why she thinks her alien blood will give her powers on the get go.(ex: being half black doesnt make you good at sports or a big dick)
she was able to see and do shit through he futon with accuracy along with a colorful vocabulary.
not to get all /x/ but the whole "star child" thing is a part of the alien mythos
aliens come down and impregnate the best tribe women and the child would be raised until adolescence then taken back by the aliens.

The fact she was returned means Erio is a reject in both worlds lol

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