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Why was Yang a rascist?
I'm pretty sure this is a bad case of "this" being mistaken for a person when it refers to the situation.
I mean for all of Yang's alleged racism in the "WHAT IS MASHENGO" scenes, he didn't give a shit about the guy being at Julian's side 24/7 or join Yang himself on other occasions. In fact he didn't give a shit about Mashengo being on the ship in these scenes anyway, he was just surprised for some reason.

If he really was a racist it's like the most inconsistent and half-assed instance of racism ever.

It's just a joke because Mashengo's weird.
He fucking does it every time he sees Mashingo, how is that inconsistent?
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Because Mashengo killed Julian's parents in black man rage
>If he really was a racist it's like the most inconsistent and half-assed instance of racism ever.

He suppresses it most of the time, for the sake of social propriety. He just occasionally lets it slip.
>every time
Twice. In the exact same manner.
It's inconsistent because he doesn't do anything against him and his words aren't properly injurious. There's no other indication whatsoever that Yang is racist in the entire 100+ episodes either.

Also, I think the "you might have killed millions of people but at least you made me very happy" line is mistranslated.
Why does it look like the white blonde guy isn't wearing any pants?
because the FPA decided that green+whiteish was a brilliant color combination for their uniforms
>racism in my show
>in 2014, the year of our lord and liberal philosophy

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>implying FPA wasn't the biggest libhruhls

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