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I have been completely out of the loop as far as hentai anime go. My experience with them was horrible animation, third rate VAs, and you can always tell the story board phase in the production process was a mess.
Today I stumbled over this little gem and it has ignited my interest in them again.

So any recent must-watches? Preferably not those that feel like animated manga pages (e.g. Tayu Tayu).
Boku no Pico
Tentacles and Witches

MC gets turned into a tentacle monster and proceeds to (so far) consensually fuck witches.
Wat's the name of those two OVA's that just straight up had sex scenes in them for no apparent reason?

Also, What's the name of the series wit hthat dark elf everyone reposts O facing and otherwiese, beign filled up with stomach inflation?
Are you talking about Mezzo?
Yep, it's that one, thanks.

But I think there was another done near or around the same time period with said level of quality.

Oh and still after that one dark elf one.

think the latest one has orc pegging

Also, do we have a list of the stuff that's come out in 13?
Mezzo, Kite, and KuroInu.
Anyone know the name of a hentai were this old man fucks a orange hair prostitute and she makes hilarious faces.

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